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Reducing cash use could financially empower millions

Is 2020 the year when we finally let go of our unhealthy relationship with cash payments and usher in a new era of financial and digital inclusion? Widespread access to digital and financial services is a cornerstone of a healthy 21st century economy.

Women must be financially independent to be fully empowered

Research shows that COVID-19 has caused women greater economic hardship than men. Women’s month is an opportunity to address larger societal issues such as equality, poverty and income security. Women must be financially independent to be fully empowered.

Property-sector transformation: the road is long, but clear

Property, and the ownership of land, is an emotive topic in South Africa. While progress towards redressing inequality in land ownership and the property sector could be far quicker, the good news is that we know where we stand, and property offers unique prospects for achieving real social change. 

Reduce poverty through jobs & reduce inequality through education

Oxfam is at it again. With their latest report we are back to the same old mantra: wealth inequality is on the rise and the only solution is to tax the hell out of the rich. Further reflection reveals that the solution isn’t that simple. But first, some relevant distinctions.

Wage gap misconceptions and manipulations

There is a common perception of an unnecessary large gap between C-suite pay and general staff pay and that this gap is widening every year. It is important to explore what drives these perceptions whether they are based on fact or in fact myths.



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