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Containers key for modern business innovation

Cloud-native technologies have become fundamental in helping enterprises drive innovation faster than before. The likes of Kubernetes, Docker, and serverless functions are the central building blocks when it comes to how applications are created and deployed, regardless of whether it is for a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment.

33% of organisation’s workload are running in the cloud today

The brand new 2021 Cloud Security Report reveals how more than 500 cybersecurity professionals, from technical executives to managers and IT security practitioners, are responding to security threats in the cloud, how their organisations are using cloud, and the best practices they are prioritising.

Why the cloud demands a new operational mindset

IT teams and leaders could be squandering financial resources by failing to adjust entrenched attitudes. With cloud computing now firmly entrenched on the C-suite agenda as a way to cut costs, create new digital opportunities and drive operational efficiencies, many of Africa’s largest businesses are shifting to a fully cloud-based or hybrid cloud IT environment.

Managing a multi-cloud environment

With the recent significant investments made by hyper-scale cloud providers in South Africa, it is becoming increasingly apparent that cloud adoption is maturing in the local market, as enterprises realise that different aspects of their business require different platforms.


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