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SARB expected to hold interest rates steady

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is meeting again - 21 July 2020 to 23 July 2020 - to discuss policy matters. The central bank lowered interest rates by a cumulative 275 basis points in the year so far, most recently making a 0.5 percentage point cut in lending rates on May 21.

Wealth management in the time of COVID-19

The world is facing one of its gravest crises in recent memory as it stares down COVID-19 and the wealth management industry has a key role to play by steadying the investment ship and navigating investors’ safely through this storm.

How high volatility can offer investors good opportunities to buy

It’s always darkest before the dawn, and markets across the globe are looking pretty dark right now. I’m not saying that the worst is over, or nearly over (my crystal ball is simply not giving me any clear answers) but if you look at the past, history will remind you that following the herd and selling up due to panic are not sensible strategies.

2020 investor outlook – markets upbeat, but storm clouds gathering

Despite various geopolitical and economic challenges at the beginning of 2019, markets managed to deliver very strong returns for the year. And investors will be relieved to see that equity markets look set to start 2020 on a slightly better footing, as many of these uncertainties have been addressed to some extent over 2019.



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