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Technology and cyber risk continue to dominate insurer risks

Victor Muguto | Long-term Insurance Leader | PwC Africa | mail me | Technology, cyber and change management risks have been pinpointed as the three...

Cloud migration not without challenges

While moving to the cloud might be easier than overhauling on-premise systems, there are still obstacles to overcome. Many companies underestimate the costs of migration and the level of planning required.

Migrating your payroll to the cloud

While the arrival of multinational data centres in South Africa has prompted more organisations to consider moving to the cloud, some are still hesitant to migrate their payroll to this environment even though the advantages far outweigh any concerns.

Data privacy – is your payroll provider honest and transparent?

Today, more and more businesses are confidently outsourcing business functions, or parts thereof to service providers whom they trust to do the job faster, more affordably, and more effectively than they can themselves.

Trends that continue to shape payroll and HR management

The world of business is changing quickly, and with trends like the gig economy, global employment and cross-border collaboration on the rise, you can imagine the scale of regulatory and legislative changes taking place. It should be obvious, then, how important having an agile, cloud-based payroll and HR management tool is.

Tech trends to reshape business in 2019

It’s no secret that the role of IT specialists and CIOs alike has changed drastically over the past few years, stemming from the need to get a better handle on the ever-evolving technologies integral to doing business in an age of disruption.

Your journey to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud is no longer the complex process it once was. Thanks to the evolution of technology, moving from an on-premise environment can be done much more efficiently than before. Even attitudes towards this strategic shift have changed.

Protection of Personal Information

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) has not yet fully come into force. Its aim is to protect personal information from 'leaks'.

Corporate data policies need urgent scrutiny!

With the enforcement of PoPI on the horizon (the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013), South African business owners and leaders need to re-examine the way that they handle and process data.

Don’t lose sleepover content governance

Many of you are losing sleep over the state of your content. You know it’s not adequately managed and governed. You know users hoard it unsecured on their desktops, in cloud repositories, in file shares. They circumvent the established protocols and established systems you’ve put in place.
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