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Peak condition – why exercise should be part of a business...

Savvy business owners recognise employees' need to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. Having the flexibility to manage responsibilities such as school runs and meal planning is one aspect, but there's more to it.

Embracing the digital native culture

The digital native culture and the rapid pace of technological advancements have triggered a revolution in the way we communicate, with the proliferation of online platforms and digital communication channels. It has brought about a significant transformation, leaving traditional forms of communication forever altered.

The rise of affordable medical insurance

With its two-tiered, highly unequal healthcare system, only 14.86% of South Africa’s population can currently afford private healthcare, and rising costs are making it difficult for many to keep paying their monthly medical aid premiums.

How to reduce digital fatigue

The post-COVID-19 ‘new normal’ is radically different to life as we once knew it… your working environment has expanded beyond just the computer screen and office and it is possible to work virtually from anywhere as per the hybrid model. But there is a price to pay for this hybrid existence.

Protecting businesses from exchange rate turbulence

The South African Rand (ZAR) is experiencing another tumultuous period. Following a robust rally last Tuesday, the Rand’s fortunes have taken a hit, with its earlier gains yielding to a more cautious market sentiment. Factors contributing to this turbulence include geo-political concerns in the Middle East, particularly Israel’s preparation for a potential offensive in Gaza, which has raised fears of energy supply disruptions and global economic repercussions.

SURVEY | Tech headache for executives in South Africa

According to our survey, overwhelming majority of South African companies concerned about cloud security. In a local survey of 500 CTOs, Directors, C-suite respondents and business owners, we reveal that 89% of South African business leaders view cloud security as a major concern.

The Great Unretirement – why working beyond 60s is the future

In today's dynamic and evolving business landscape, the concept of retirement is undergoing a profound transformation. The traditional notion of leaving the workforce at a certain age and entering a state of relaxation is being replaced by the exciting concept of "unretirement”.

Trusts, far from obsolete

Locally, as trust compliance becomes more complex and trusts become more costly to administer, their value is increasingly being questioned. However, a trust’s worth extends beyond its financial benefits, and as such, they are still very relevant tools to use in a well-crafted estate plan, especially for high-net-worth families. 

Wealthy families risk losing their wealth in 2nd and 3rd generations

For many years, the concept of self-made success was considered by many to be the ‘making of the man’, with each generation expected to prove their self-worth by being at least as financially successful as the generation before. However, the adage of shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations continues to this day, with a recent Harvard Business Review article by Stark and Foley finding that 70% of wealthy families studied lost their wealth within the second generation, and 90% within the third.

Navigating Africa’s channel ecosystem through innovation & partnership

With its burgeoning technology landscape, Africa stands poised at a confluence of innovation and partnership characterised by rapid digital transformation and a desire for sustainable growth – setting the stage for a vibrant channel ecosystem.


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