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Backcasting to the future

In Sci-Fi, the Grandfather Paradox hypothesises that if one should travel into the past and change certain key events, the future will also be changed or even become unrecognisable. But what if we turn this hypothesis on its head, defining a desirable future and then reverse engineer the requisite actions to achieve this future? Unlike the Grandfather Paradox which, as far as we know, only lives in Sci-Fi movies and novels, backcasting is completely possible.

A legal perspective on South Africa’s energy future

As South Africa’s energy sector continues to evolve, understanding the changes in regulations, contracts, and market dynamics is crucial. The restructuring of South Africa’s regulatory framework, especially within the energy sector is critical given the present crisis the country is in. Unbundling, where different parts of the energy sector are separated, amounts to far more than just paperwork.

Unleashing the power of cross-functional collaboration

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business, team-based work and cross-functional projects are rapidly replacing traditional organisational structures, with an increasing number of leading-edge organisations embracing collaboration-driven models.

The ins & outs of international arbitration

While emotions might run high during a business disagreement, choosing the right dispute resolution method is a practical decision. Dispute resolution attorneys understand this and that it is inevitable for disputes to arise. For this reason, companies must grasp and understand how international arbitrations work, so as to be well-equipped to navigate disputes effectively when they occur.

Amending the NHI – a complex process beyond government’s narrative

The recent statements by ANC parliamentary chief whip Pemmy Majodina regarding the National Health Insurance (NHI) bill's ‘amendability’ have highlighted a significant misunderstanding of the law making process. Majodina's assurance that the bill can be amended if necessary, simplifies a complex legislative and judicial process.

The unexpected impact of digital nomad visa on local coders

With South Africa getting closer to rolling out a digital nomad visa, it is a mix of good news for the economy but also a cause for concern about how it might affect our local coders. Remote work is gaining popularity, allowing individuals to combine travelling the globe with maintaining full-time employment.

REPORT | Mental health challenges remain as top issues for women

I am quite concerned that 29% of the women surveyed globally have expressed that they feel their right to live free from violence is deteriorating. Closer to home, it is concerning that at 19% more than the global average, 50% of the South African women surveyed feel that their right to earn an equal wage is deteriorating.

Staying in SARS’ good books on business trips

Tax season inevitably means digging out all those airline boarding passes, fuel slips and receipts from your travels over the past year. As a frequent business traveller, you've likely accumulated quite the collection in hopes of a decent refund on allowable expenses. However, the taxman wants more than a shoebox stuffed with crumpled receipts.

Mesh networks – a multidirectional electrical superhighway

Today, many power industry stakeholders are faced with mounting requirements for improved grid reliability, resilience, and distribution efficiency. It’s a challenge which requires power service providers to rethink their infrastructure, particularly making the most of smart grid philosophies in their deployments.

Funding wisdom

Age is just a number when it comes to entrepreneurship, and older business owners (60+) have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and ambition to offer. However, when traditional banks deny funding based on outdated lending criteria, these seasoned entrepreneurs can feel frustrated and stuck.


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