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Two-Pot retirement system – next steps for administrators, employers & employees

With the President signing the Revenue Laws Amendment Bill into law on 1 June 2024, this means the signing of the Pension Funds Amendment Bill is imminent, and the Two-Pot retirement system is confirmed to roll out as proposed on 1 September 2024.

Workplace rebellions can wreak havoc

Workplace rebellion can bring the company to its knees. The most typical form of rebellion known in South Africa is industrial action. Such rebellion...

Four-day working week – not a one-size fits all!

Although the 4-day workweek model is gaining more attention, it is only a fit for some organisations. Some industries and business types may benefit more than others.

Whistleblowing in South Africa  – what are employers’ obligations? 

Whistleblowing is an important tool in identifying, preventing and eradicating criminal conduct, irregular activities, and other improprieties in both the public and private sectors. 

The ‘Ins and Outs’ of Restraint of Trade Agreements

A restraint of trade is used to protect an Employer’s proprietary interests from being accessed by an Employer’s competitors. The Employer’s proprietary interests include, but are not limited to, trade secrets and confidential information, goodwill, and skills. An enforceable restraint of trade will prevent an Employee from joining an Employer’s direct competitor if the Employee has acquired confidential information and trade secrets from the former Employer.

Retrenchment – the duty to consult

Before making any decision to retrench employers are required to first consult with the union or affected employees on a number of issues, the most important of which is any means of avoiding job losses.

Vicarious liability when an employee commits an intentional wrong

In this judgment the court grappled with the difficult question of imposing vicarious liability on an employer for an employee’s deliberate wrongdoing.

Does POPIA impact AI software or ML systems?

This article discusses the impact of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) on artificial intelligence or machine learning systems used in the context of the workplace.

Refused promotion causes commotion

The Labour Relations Act (LRA) allows employees to lodge unfair promotion disputes.

What should you do if you accidentally overpay your employee?

It’s month-end. Your employee gets a notification on their phone that their salary has cleared into their bank account. Jackpot! They’ve received more than what is due to them. Mistakes and human miscalculations can occur easily, leaving employers in a difficult position. How should you address a genuine mistake that has been made resulting in employees receiving payments that they have not earned?


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