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BusinessBrief June/July 2024 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled The price of populism? - the rule of law, economic freedom & social progress by Martin van Staden, Head of Policy, Free Market Foundation, plus a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics.

Sustainability – a key driver of development & economic freedom

The concept of sustainability is considered differently for developing countries versus developed countries. Developed economies tend to look at sustainability with a significant focus towards environmental impact and preservation. In contrast, developing countries consider sustainability from a socio-economic perspective, which includes infrastructure-related challenges, for example.

The Hanseatic approach

If South Africa was a horse, we would probably shoot it. But it is instead a one-horse country, and we have to find a way to save it. Imminent national collapse looms. We know we cannot continue with the African National Congress (ANC). They actually deserve to be shot.

Small business development depends on getting ‘the land question’ right 

Historical land dispossession has handicapped South Africa’s economic development, particularly of small businesses and small-scale agriculture. This, combined with continued restrictions on subdivision, lack of secure title, and threats to constitutional property rights, impede rapid land reform and economic growth.

Pick n Pay ‘shutdown’ looms, the new expropriation

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema has threatened Pick n Pay with 'militant action' if a third meeting request is ignored by the company. He has alleged that franchisees are exploited and treated unfairly by the retail company.

Remove impediments to the spirit of enterprise to achieve economic growth

South Africa’s economy is in a mess, to say the very least, and all this is solely and exclusively the fault of policymakers. Everything has gone horribly wrong! Yet it is not all beyond redemption.

SA needs a peaceful but far-reaching industrial revolution

Michael O’Dowd wrote in his book, The Industrial Revolution Myth and Reality, about the widely held myth that the industrial revolution in eighteenth century England was evil, which he contended was a persistent but mistaken myth.

Restore civil liberties fully and end all lockdown initiatives

We oppose various recent government initiatives to prolong COVID-19 lockdown measures. All such measures must be scrapped and a return to the pre-March 2020 legal position must be expedited. South Africans have waited patiently for too long to see constitutional government and their civil liberties restored.

Mauritius won and SA lost in the economic freedom stakes

James Meade, British recipient of the Nobel Prize in economics, reported in 1961 that Mauritius faced a bleak future. The country was reliant on a single crop (sugar), subject to weather and price shocks, threatened by over-population, had no potential alternative job opportunities, was multi-ethnic, had large income inequalities, and had experienced political conflict.

More state intervention will result in a stagnant economy

Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) General Secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali’s thought-provoking, in-depth piece advocating the ostensible strengths of the government's localisation plans refers ('Ideologues do the jobless a disservice by turning localisation into a swearword', January 9).


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