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PRECCA emphasises third-party accountability & proactive anti-corruption

South Africa is continuously suffering from the effects of corruption and drainage of resources, some of which were highlighted in the state capture saga. Optimistically, significant changes have occurred in the public and private spheres to ensure that the industrial-scale corruption perpetrated does not continue to repeat itself. One such change is the recent signing of the Judicial Matters Amendment Bill into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 3 April 2024.

Strategic structuring – the keystone of startup success

In the fast-paced world of startups, particularly those breaking new ground, the excitement of innovation and market disruption often takes centre stage. However, amidst this buzz, it's crucial for startups to prioritise their foundational business structures from the outset.

The significance of FICA compliance – why it matters to all...

Despite being viewed as an administrative and burdensome expense with excessive paperwork sometimes causing potential delays to establishing business relationships and concluding transactions, Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) compliance is more crucial than ever.

Could FSCA licenses be the growth catalyst crypto needs?

As a global leader in the cryptocurrency industry, we recognise the significance of the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority's (FSCA) recent decision to include cryptocurrencies within its licensing legislation. This move comes at a crucial time for the evolution of crypto as an investment asset class in South Africa, signalling the maturation of the local crypto market and a step towards integrating digital assets into the mainstream investment ecosystem.

Large fines show FSCA is focusing on leaving the FATF grey...

Gone are the days of box-ticking. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has recently imposed administrative sanctions on two financial services providers (FSPs), in each case for failing to comply with certain provisions of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA). 

Safeguarding against the ongoing supply chain disruptions

Mitigating contractual disputes by exploring alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and arbitration in resolving supply chain disputes. The mining industry relies heavily on a complex network of suppliers, logistics partners, and transporters to ensure the efficient movement of raw materials.

Location intelligence is the secret weapon of data-driven banking

Geographic information systems (GIS) are transforming banking by integrating location-based insights with customer relationship management (CRM) tools. New technologies are rapidly reshaping the banking sector, signalling a shift from traditional, branch-centric models to a more data-driven, customer-centric approach.

Thabi Leoka – what an incredibly sad & unfortunate situation

Well known economist, Thabi Leoka’s meteoric fall from grace was pretty much self-inflicted. It’s the old adage of "don’t tell a lie, you will be caught out". However, this whole situation could have been prevented, and misconceptions cleared up years ago, had all the entities involved done their due diligence.

AI, NFTs & the modern contract – who holds responsibility?

As far back as 2018, Harvard Business Review (HBR) raised the question: how is artificial intelligence (AI) changing contracts? Five years may not fit the criteria of “long-term”, but with the pace at which technology is evolving, it might as well be decades. As remains the case today, HBR cited efficiency as a key driver for the growth of AI in contracting.

Ways to build business resilience

In the dynamic and competitive world of business, staying financially fit is crucial for the long-term success and sustainability of any business. One aspect of maintaining financial fitness is having your business affairs in impeccable order. This entails meticulously managing your company's financial records, compliance, and transparency.


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