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What is perpetual KYC and why is it important

Know Your Customer. This phrase is a focal point of modern financial regulations, particularly concerning anti-fraud and anti-money laundering requirements. But KYC is even more valuable for managing risks with bad customers, speeding up transactions, and getting more business on the books.

Legal due diligence for PE transactions

Local and cross-border private equity (PE) investors continue to support the growth and development of companies in South Africa and the economy. With an increase in the establishment of PE funds both globally and in South Africa, as well as their appetite for investing in emerging markets, keeping track of the approach of PE funds and M&A lawyers to legal aspects surrounding PE deal-making is becoming increasingly important.

Tenant eviction – what are your rights as landlord?

For most landlords, tenant evictions are a last resort, due to the substantial expense, lengthy time and emotionally taxing nature of this complex process. However, with the Q2 2023 PayProp Rental Index revealing that the number of tenants in arrears has risen to an alarming 18.4% - the highest figure recorded since 2021 - many have found themselves with no choice but to seek legal recourse.

Navigating Rand volatility

The South African Rand has endured considerable volatility recently, attributed to a myriad of global factors including commodity price fluctuations, financial market risk perceptions, and local political uncertainty. Amid this turbulence, South African individuals and businesses engaged in trade and investment have encountered both challenges and opportunities.

Protecting your identity online

When engaging in online activities, one cannot ignore the inherent risks involved. Whether you’re accessing information, interacting with a company or buying a product or service, your data is being stored and then possibly shared with others.

The new R50 Million asset disclosure – SARS’ due diligence or...

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has been hinting at introducing a wealthy individual “specific asset” disclosure for some time – and it is finally here! As of the commencement of the 2023 Tax filing season, individuals holding assets valued at R50 million or more now need to provide a “high level” disclosure to SARS.

Blockchain makes crypto asset transactions transparent and traceable

The popularity of cryptocurrencies stems from the fact that trading takes place in an anonymous environment where individuals may use pseudonyms and are not face-to-face. However, as the crypto industry grows and becomes more developed, it is becoming less true that “crypto is anonymous”.

The urgent need for CISOs and boards to prioritise ITAD security

We are calling upon CISOs and boards of directors to recognise and take immediate action against the security risks associated with IT asset disposition (ITAD). As a crucial aspect of data governance, the responsible management of IT assets at the end of their lifecycle is essential to ensure compliance and safeguard sensitive information.

Trading tips for the first-time investor

Investing for the first time can be daunting – particularly when you are building your own portfolio by buying (and selling) company shares. Investing in the stock market is a “zero-sum” game, meaning that for every winner there is a loser. While picking the wrong stock(s) at some point is inevitable, we round out our top tips for ensuring that you end up with more winners than losers and that you can expertly navigate the sometimes wild and always unpredictable ride.

ESG – BHR – unpacking the stages of the human rights...

Businesses are required to take ownership of, and commit to, respecting human rights in their organisations and throughout their entire value chain. They need to act on identifying, preventing, mitigating, and remediating negative human rights impacts that may result from their operations or their business relationships, by putting the necessary systems and controls in place. 


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