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Advantages of mediating commercial disputes

There are a number of unfair stereotypes regarding mediation. For example, many believe that it is only appropriate for family law disputes or that it is akin to therapy where parties are required to talk about their feelings rather than dealing with the substances of a dispute.

Mining the value of alternative dispute resolution

International commercial arbitration and international investment treaty arbitration both offer effective and efficient alternative dispute resolution mechanism to assist with Africa mining related disputes and avoid some of the downsides often associated with judicial resolve.

Tax dispute delay frustrations

A trend of increased delays and frustration with the South African Revenue Service’s (SARS’) dispute resolution process, are becoming apparent among taxpayers and tax practitioners alike.

Civil & Commercial Dispute Resolution in SA Lagging

John Brand | Consultant | Bowmans | john.brand@bowmanslaw.com | www.bowmanslaw.com | South Africa must bridge the dispute resolution gap or risk further investor disenchantment. It is...
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