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ICT: a potential solution to the problem of unemployment in Africa

The socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is especially hard-hitting for younger generations in Africa. The youth are faced with multiple challenges including disruptions to education, training and on-the-job learning. The youth are further impacted by employment and income losses due to lay-offs and reduced working hours.

Unlocking the power of your community

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown us just how much humans crave positive, social connection. Throughout various stages of lockdown, we have seen that when people feel connected, they become happier, more engaged and highly loyal.

Diversity is the key to unlocking creativity

Humans create ideas and technology helps us share them. Finding a team that can marry the two, will give any brand a competitive edge. The human behind the tech always has to ensure that their ideas are culturally relevant to the audience and that the tech used is accessible to their market.

The evolution of email to emerge as a marketing power tool

With the range of digital communication channels now available, the question of whether or not e-mail will become obsolete is relevant – but ICT and digital professionals believe that email will always continue to serve as a fast, simple, efficient and accurate means of communication.

COVID-19 and collections: digital customer communications vital

Collections teams are now responsible for more customers than ever - are they ready? The recent announcement from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority concerning its expectations about what to do next with customers who have been affected by COVID-19 - whether they have taken a payment holiday or not - underlines the importance of customer communications.

Digital communication key to good CX

Over the past few years, companies have started paying increasing amounts of attention to customer experience (CX). While the idea behind it (customers will keep coming back to a business if they have a good experience), is hardly new, it’s become more and more of a science.

Protection of Information Act leaves loopholes for fraudsters

As the rate of identity theft accelerates, some have asked how information becomes available to companies and people pushing goods and services that an individual has no knowledge of requesting.


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