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It is all in the strategy

Strategy is layered with great complexity, yet it needs to communicate the plan of action in the simplest form possible to drive the profitability of the brand or business. The world is full of great examples when it comes to strategy.

AI is poised to provide assurance and hope to humanity

The era of emerging technologies is changing everything in our lives. It’s changing the jobs landscape and how we work, but also how we interact with one another, how we are entertained, and how we learn. At the same time, businesses face changing customer expectations, and governments must contend with new demands from their citizenry.

Prioritising value over cost through strategic design thinking

As economic conditions keep getting tougher, consumers are paying more but have less to spend, which means that value is becoming more important than ever before. From a business perspective, whether it’s a website, an app or a business process redesign, extracting maximum value from all decisions is the aim of the game.

Comfort – the addiction that kills success

Only 25% of the world’s population is comfortable with changing the status quo and doing things with an innovative twist. These individuals are often called disruptors or innovators.

HR professionals – meeting the future world of work [PART 2]

In the second part of this two-part series, I outline the skills that will be required by present-day HR professionals – for now and into the future. The future of work will place an extraordinary demand on HR professionals to lead their organisations strategically through this disruptive period.

Design Thinking critical in AI applications

Design thinking (DT) is transforming the way companies create value. But what is DT?

Emerging trends – where innovation, strategy & execution intersect with business,...

The next three years do not look like the new normal they look like the never normal. It is not a pessimistic way of describing it but a realistic way, and it means that we need to think long and hard about planning and strategy and execution. There will be a lot of strategic thinking wastage over the next three years, and in our view, we cannot spend enough time studying how people are thinking and how they are reacting to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, and technology.

De-jargoning education

WE JUNK jargon, we kill clichés, we’re simple enough for clever people. Three simple concepts but ones that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of on billboards in and around Johannesburg soon. But they’re far more than that.


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