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The rise of AI technologies – let the journey begin

Over the last few decades, technology has slowly shaped our world into one our grandparents wouldn’t recognise. Some of that change has been about the gadgets in our homes and in our pockets. Much else has been driven by researchers and scientists using powerful supercomputers to answer life‑changing questions and make ground-breaking discoveries in life sciences, physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

Data management – grudge purchase or strategic business tool?

Work from Home (WFH) is here to stay, and it has changed the way we access business data. The monolithic server structure has firmly given way to cloud-based storage systems that enable anytime, anywhere access, along with greater flexibility and agility – as well as new challenges.

REPORT | Inadequate data backups create protection challenges

Data protection challenges are undermining organisations’ abilities to execute digital transformation initiatives globally, according to the Data Protection Report 2021, which has found that 58% of backups fail, leaving data unprotected.

SaaS backup and recovery ease cloud migration challenges

The benefits of migrating into the cloud have long been evident. However, certain challenges have held the Financial Services Industry (FSI) organisations back from fully embracing the flexibility, agility and cost effectiveness of cloud-based solutions, particularly with regard to data storage.

Managing data veracity and security practices vital to business

In an accelerated digital landscape marked by ever-increasing amounts of data processed every day, information technology practitioners must navigate through multiple information lifecycle management practices daily to ensure the veracity of business data.

Platform modernisation holds the growth promise in retail sector

Retailers are transforming their digital capabilities to attract new customers and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. The global pandemic has shown us the importance of being able to quickly shift with changes in the environment, for example, enabling contactless payments, supporting a remote workforce, and pivoting to entirely new business models.

The underpinnings of a smarter strategy for success

Technology has permeated all facets of business. Today, it has become less about the bits and bytes and more about unlocking the efficiency of processes, improving the customer experience, and better understanding data to deliver on the company strategy.

How SAP HANA can turn your data into business gold

SAP supports organisations by transforming their data management capabilities through the deployment of its market-leading HANA platform. In a time of ongoing disruption and uncertainty, the ability to access insights into your organisation and the environment in which it operates can mean the difference between growth and stagnation.

There’s never been a better time to be in be in...

It’s safe to say the pandemic has sparked a record demand for tech products and solutions. Though business leaders have been talking about digital transformation for years, COVID-19 has been the catalyst for them to stop talking and start implementing.

Location intelligence – improving efficiencies for the logistics sector

As lockdown restrictions ease slightly in South Africa and some economic activities resume, the logistics and transport sector is likely to become a centre point of the 'new normal' as consumers increasingly shift to remote shopping.


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