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Managing data governance in the era of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integral to business operations, data governance is essential to ensure the ethical and effective use of this technology. Integrating AI responsibly into business processes must be an organisational priority.

Building a privacy-first organisation in the age of AI

With consumers increasingly aware of both the value of their data and of the threats to it, it’s never been more crucial for business leaders to respect user privacy. The South Africa’s Information Regulator has stated that local companies report at least 100 cyber security breaches every month.

The urgent need for CISOs and boards to prioritise ITAD security

We are calling upon CISOs and boards of directors to recognise and take immediate action against the security risks associated with IT asset disposition (ITAD). As a crucial aspect of data governance, the responsible management of IT assets at the end of their lifecycle is essential to ensure compliance and safeguard sensitive information.

In times of recession, can you afford not to invest in...

The global economy is facing challenges on many fronts, with inflation and recession becoming the words of the day. As a result, budgets that are always tight (like IT) are under even more scrutiny than before. Any unnecessary spending needs to be curtailed, for obvious reasons, but does data management fall into this category?

Data protection is about more than just thwarting cyberattacks

The fact that ransomware and cyberattacks have become increasingly prevalent is common knowledge, and this has raised greater awareness of the need for effective data protection. However, ransomware and other data breaches are not the only concern for businesses. Protecting data is essential, but managing it is equally important.

The data of care – a game-changer for the healthcare industry

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the role of data to drive efficiencies and improve patient outcomes has become the core of our industry. To me, we aspire to be like the ridesharing app Uber, enabling access to the best doctors and treatments at the best prices, all while facilitating the optimal healthcare ‘route’ for our members based on their individual lives and economic circumstances.

Investing in data can help to improve business agility and CX

We live in a new reality post-COVID-19, where customers are more digitally savvy, online 24/7 and have easy access to more options than ever before. Businesses need to adapt to this new reality, or they will be at a significant disadvantage.

Data trends to watch in 2023

The total amount of data created and consumed globally is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes by 2025, almost three times the 64 zettabytes of 2020. This makes data the cornerstone of any successful business in a digitally-transformed world. Several trends will help guide organisations on their path to becoming more data-driven.

Decluttered marketing that delivers data-driven experiences

The fact that 57% of marketing executives admit they often don’t have the data to understand customers or anticipate their needs is an existential problem. No matter the industry, customer data and insights are vital to helping deliver meaningful experiences, create strong engagement and achieve customer satisfaction.

Realising the potential of data for your business

It has become an accepted fact that data is the single most important resource organisations have, with the potential to transform companies, unleash organic growth, and even improve the human condition. And as consumers begin to voice their expectations for personalisation and customer experience, the need for data management has never been more strategic.


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