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Elevating modern businesses – the soaring impact of cloud ERP

In recent years, the cloud has emerged as an undeniable powerhouse in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market, with projections indicating a staggering transformation from the current $64.7 billion valuation to an astounding $130 billion by 2027. The allure of cloud-based ERP is undeniable, offering cost savings, swift implementation, enhanced flexibility, and accessibility for businesses to scale seamlessly.

Harnessing solar – a complete guide to renting vs buying

As load shedding persists and solar gains popularity in South Africa, households are left with the decision of either buying or renting a solution. Solar solutions have taken centre stage in South African homes. The quest for an “always on” lifestyle has propelled consumers into a crucial crossroads: should you rent or buy your solar system?

Reasons why PaaS is the smart choice for SMEs

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has seen rapid growth in recent years following the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though it can be deployed quickly, ERP systems are complex and require significant computing resources, which can be expensive to acquire and maintain in-house.

The biggest misconceptions of SD-WAN

Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), may be the next generation of connectivity and modernised network infrastructure, but implementation must be smart to get the right results. Digital transformation has triggered remarkable shifts in infrastructure and architecture.

Low-code can help accelerate digital transformation for the insurance industry

The insurance industry was once a bastion for slow, conservative business practices. But as other industries have either embraced digital transformation or have been radically upended by technology-driven startups, most insurers have realised that they have to follow suit.

Give customers what they crave!

Customers expect an easy, hassle-free omnichannel shopping experience; and digital innovation is the answer that retailers have been waiting for. It has been rapidly transforming retail value chains in recent years.

Low-code development can help small businesses

No-code and low-code software development platforms are gaining popularity in recent times - especially among SMBs and SMEs - for their dynamic ability to quickly meet customisation and automation needs within limited budgets.

Platform modernisation holds the growth promise in retail sector

Retailers are transforming their digital capabilities to attract new customers and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. The global pandemic has shown us the importance of being able to quickly shift with changes in the environment, for example, enabling contactless payments, supporting a remote workforce, and pivoting to entirely new business models.

Revitalising the in-store experience

It's no secret that online shopping is taking off in South Africa. In fact, studies show that the local eCommerce market is expected to reach almost twenty-five million online shoppers by 2021 – a considerable number given our Internet penetration is at around fifty percent, give or take ten percent depending on which study you read.

Make bolder technology decisions in 2018

Derek Bose | Senior Director for South Africa and the SADC regional cluster | Oracle | | | South African businesses need to...


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