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Technology insights for 2021

Based on our 2020 experience, new year predictions may seem like a game of make-believe. But predictions are one thing, trends are another. We share technology insights into 2021 based on emerging trends. COVID-19 shocked all businesses last year. However, enterprises are becoming used to the new normal and digitisation should return to previous levels of growth in 2021.

Customer expectations require a digitally-led insurance approach

As technology evolves, people are not only comfortable with a digital environment but have also embraced an always on-mobile lifestyle. They now demand a seamless customer experience from their service providers across all engagement channels.

Turning data into a valuable asset

Turning company data into an asset is critical, it gives business leaders unprecedented insights. Data offers numerous opportunities across all industries, from healthcare to manufacturing to financial services, to name only a few. Most companies own loads of data and for it to be useful, it is imperative that they ensure that it is clean data.

The need for intelligent data storage

The world is driven by data. It’s an instant world, where customers can make or break a business and the insights derived from data is the only thing that gives companies any indication of how to satisfy their markets.



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