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Reconciliation and nation-building in South Africa – ANC-DA courtship – scrap...

There is a rare opportunity to right a lot of South Africa’s wrongs in one go. Corruption and unemployment are two major roadblocks. Permit me to explain how they can be simultaneously addressed within the current administration. I suggest an amnesty largely on the African National Congress (ANC’s) past wrongdoing in office in return for liberalisation of labour laws. This may be for a bit further down the line.

Politics and power – focus on South African trade unions COSATU,...

Gargantuan and tyrannical unions like the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU), and National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) have leveraged their power, numbers, money, and capacity to threaten violence, and in so doing hold the economy hostage.

BOOK REVIEW | The Spirit of Leadership

In 2023, Reuel Khoza unsealed a letter to the future, which he had written in 1999 when he was chair of Eskom, at the time recognised as the best power utility in the world. It was an optimistic letter, expressing hopes that have since been dashed by corruption and maladministration – by a failure of ethical leadership.

PRECCA emphasises third-party accountability & proactive anti-corruption

South Africa is continuously suffering from the effects of corruption and drainage of resources, some of which were highlighted in the state capture saga. Optimistically, significant changes have occurred in the public and private spheres to ensure that the industrial-scale corruption perpetrated does not continue to repeat itself. One such change is the recent signing of the Judicial Matters Amendment Bill into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 3 April 2024.

BOOK REVIEW | Saving South Africa

The Democratic Alliance (DA) won control of the uMngeni Municipality in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands after the local government elections in 2021. As the only DA-run municipality in KZN, uMngeni provides a template for how local government could work in a post-ANC South Africa.

The curious case of costing the NHI

While the President has signed the National Health Insurance (NHI) into law, the bean counters at National Treasury have yet to start looking for their excel sheets needed to ensure the NHI is fully costed. The first reason is due to the confusion of objective versus political ideology. The NHI has been touted as introducing “universal healthcare coverage” (UHC).

Amending the NHI – a complex process beyond government’s narrative

The recent statements by ANC parliamentary chief whip Pemmy Majodina regarding the National Health Insurance (NHI) bill's ‘amendability’ have highlighted a significant misunderstanding of the law making process. Majodina's assurance that the bill can be amended if necessary, simplifies a complex legislative and judicial process.

South African Constitution – Section 12 – we need more detectives

After its rise to power, the African National Congress (ANC) devastated law enforcement through the enabling of corruption, pressuring many veteran cops to resign, and by absorbing detectives directly into the police hierarchy. This move destroyed detective-work in the country, and lead to many detectives resigning and seeking greener pastures.

Limitations & ambiguities in Public Procurement Bill submission

Procurement and supply body adds voice to discourse over legislation and calls for more radical reforms to root out corruption. We have submitted a series of detailed recommendations for South Africa’s Public Procurement Bill with the intention of advancing the principles of ethical procurement practices within the Southern Africa region.

Are telecom companies avoiding audits?

The time has come for South African telecommunication companies to face greater scrutiny. With data prices higher in South Africa than in many other African states, these companies should be more accountable to their customers. Yet this is not happening.


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