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Is South Africa ready for the next phase in the cloud...

Public cloud has taken centre stage in the global IT space, thanks in large part to the pandemic forcing accelerated adoption of next-generation technology solutions. According to Forrester Research, the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to 120 billion USD in 2021, as several new trends emerge around cloud technology.

33% of organisation’s workload are running in the cloud today

The brand new 2021 Cloud Security Report reveals how more than 500 cybersecurity professionals, from technical executives to managers and IT security practitioners, are responding to security threats in the cloud, how their organisations are using cloud, and the best practices they are prioritising.

Why the cloud demands a new operational mindset

IT teams and leaders could be squandering financial resources by failing to adjust entrenched attitudes. With cloud computing now firmly entrenched on the C-suite agenda as a way to cut costs, create new digital opportunities and drive operational efficiencies, many of Africa’s largest businesses are shifting to a fully cloud-based or hybrid cloud IT environment.

SaaS backup and recovery ease cloud migration challenges

The benefits of migrating into the cloud have long been evident. However, certain challenges have held the Financial Services Industry (FSI) organisations back from fully embracing the flexibility, agility and cost effectiveness of cloud-based solutions, particularly with regard to data storage.

REPORT | TMT predictions for 2021

We have released our 20th annual Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions report, which highlights how worldwide trends in TMT may affect businesses and consumers worldwide. In addition, the report highlights how many of these trends are being driven by the global pandemic’s economic and societal impacts, resulting in intensifying growth in video, virtual, and cloud technologies, as well as in media segments such as sports.

Cloud is now an urgent business mandate

We can all agree that COVID-19 created an unprecedented wake-up call, and organisations everywhere have had a very powerful and direct reminder of the importance of systems resilience, agility, adaptability and scalability. Now, as businesses look for ways to outmanoeuvre the uncertainty heightened by the pandemic, the focus has shifted to sustaining operations under severe disruption, flexing to address highly volatile customer demand, and managing vastly increased needs for remote network access.

Cloud-based PABX: the critical business differentiator

In a time when customer service delivery reigns supreme, many organisations are faced with multiple obstacles in getting their standards and interaction back to pre-COVID-19 levels. Communication and more specifically telephony systems have also been critical.

How 2020 is changing the technological landscape

The IT landscape in South Africa is facing some of its biggest shifts yet, and businesses must be ready to adapt accordingly. Adjusting to technological advancement will certainly bring new challenges in the form of security and compliance, but agile businesses that are ready to make the necessary changes will benefit greatly from this fast-changing dynamic.

This is the time to reboot your cloud strategy

With proven business benefits for adopting cloud computing, the prediction of the global marketing intelligence firm, International Data Corporation (IDC) that 90 percent of businesses will use multiple cloud services and platforms by 2020, comes as no surprise.

Cloud and clear – how ready is the banking industry for...

Digital disruption has clearly hit the banking industry hard across the globe. The first decade of the 21st century initiated enormous change in the way financial institutions operate and this has only accelerated over the years leading up to the current 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).


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