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Waste Governance – a mindset shift to achieving sustainability

We live in a time where human beings are better off than they have ever been, yet our natural systems are under stress and millions of people are suffering. Sufficient evidence and rationale support the imperative to alter our behaviour and embrace sustainable living practices. Yet, why do we hesitate to do so? And if we are indeed taking steps, are we progressing swiftly enough?

eWaste – new approach to tackling Lithium-Ion batteries

Addressing the challenges posed by the disposal of lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries requires sophisticated and effective recycling processes to ensure that valuable materials are recovered safely and efficiently.

Hosted learnerships connect funding to job creation & growth

Skills development in the form of learnerships is an essential element of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard, accounting for a significant portion of the score for large enterprises in particular. However, not all businesses have the capacity, availability, or ability to take on sufficient learners to meet their obligations.

Driving sustainable development – circularity & ESG in mining

Mining is a historically linear process – we take materials from the earth, make products from them and eventually throw them away as waste. With the intensification of climate change, environmental degradation, pollution – all products of linear economies – the mining industry needs to transition to a circular economy.

The evolving role of the CIO requires a focus on sustainability

As the world becomes increasingly digital and a shift by organisations to pursue generative AI, a shift is taking place within boardrooms. CIOs are now fulfilling more strategic roles to drive digital transformation and sustainability.

Waste Governance – understanding Extended Producer Responsibility

In the global quest for sustainable waste management solutions, the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has emerged as a pivotal strategy. Originating in Europe in the 1990’s, EPR essentially places the onus on manufacturers to take responsibility for the entire life cycle of their products, from production to final disposal.

Turning unwanted into wanted: EnviroServ’s 45-Year journey to environmental excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of waste management, EnviroServ stands as a distinguished leader, with a legacy of expertise. Established in 1979 and headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa, the company has consistently pioneered innovative waste solutions, finding solutions to help customers become part of the circular economy.

Growing sustainability through colocation services

Over the past several years sustainability has become a growing priority for most, if not all, organisations. Forward-thinking businesses, consumers and governments alike are increasingly looking at how to increase their sustainability efforts, while many decisions are increasingly being made with enhancing sustainability as an important driver.

Taking a future-ready approach to sustainable building and design

The construction sector must not be overlooked in the drive towards achieving net zero. While sectors such as industrial manufacturing, mining and fossil fuel power generation tend to grab more headlines, the construction of buildings and infrastructure accounts for approximately 7 Gt CO2e, or 20% of global carbon emissions, where 4 Gt CO2e is associated with the materials used for construction.

Waste governance – can your cost burden become a value driver?

Sustainability has risen to board level discussions in South African corporates, as they grapple with both the public’s demand for environmentally friendly products as well as the growing requirements of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.


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