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Preliminary view of the draft IRP 2023

South Africa has experienced severe load shedding (i.e. controlled/scheduled power cuts), almost daily, since September 2022. This recent spike and high frequency of load shedding can be largely attributed to a significant drop in Energy Availability Factor of the coal fleet that has not been optimally maintained due to several  factors.

Hotels under fire – shocking stats on their climate impact

Did you know hotels account for approximately one percent of global carbon dioxide emissions? It might not seem like a lot, but to put it in perspective, out of the carbon dioxide released annually, it's equivalent to powering 45.7 million homes for a year. Turns out those luxury touches like themed suites, room service on tap, and butlers come at a cost to the planet, too.

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage

With oil and gas-producing countries facing tremendous pressure to transition to green energy sources and leave their petroleum assets in the ground, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) can act as a lifeline for their energy industries.

The 2021 upstream petroleum resources development bill

Total S.A.'s (Total) initial discovery just over two years ago of gas concentrate in the Outeniqua Basin (Brulpadda prospect, Block 11B/12B) offshore South Africa, a deposit reportedly containing around one billion barrels of oil equivalent, has placed a spotlight on the potential of South Africa's upstream oil and gas industry.


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