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Naspers capitalisation could be taxing

SA investors taking up stock in Prosus when it lists next month may be liable for capital gains tax. Naspers has cautioned investors on the tax implications ahead of next month's listing of its international assets in Amsterdam.

Anti-dividend stripping provisions

On 20 February 2019, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced new anti-dividend stripping tax avoidance provisions relating to 'disguised sales', which is intended to address perceived abuse of the dividend stripping provisions that were enacted in 2017.

Exchange Traded Funds – a low cost alternative to investing

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an investment fund, traded on stock exchanges, which are an attractive proposition due to their low costs. Terms such as passive investing, low cost investing or indexation investing are terms often used to describe this strategy. The purpose of incorporating ETFs or passive portfolios into one’s investment strategy is to manage costs over the long term.

Comparing tax-free savings accounts with unit trusts

The close of the tax year is drawing near, meaning those wanting to make use of the tax-free savings account allowance have their last opportunity on February 28 to put money away in the current tax year.

Budget 2019 | what can personal income taxpayers expect?

Against the backdrop of the weakening Rand, the pain point of the increased marginal tax rate of 45 per cent, the increase in the VAT rate by 1 percent in April 2018 and the decline in household spend, can South Africans really afford another tax rate hike?

Lifting the lid on the VAT increase

The VAT hike as part of the 2018 Budget Speech poses the risk of eroding the spending power of poor and lower-income households, exacerbating poverty and increasing inequality. VAT is a regressive tax - Value added tax (VAT) – charged on most goods and services at a rate of 14% – is levied irrespective of how much somebody earns, making it a regressive tax.
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