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Automation & AI can transform FSM

Over the past couple of years, implementation of automation in business, along with measured adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), has given businesses in the service industry the ability to enhance their workforce and their operations. This is because automation can take over many of the manual, admin-heavy tasks that can be very time-consuming for a workforce - particularly valuable in field service management (FSM) where there are many moving parts.

The lasting effects of COVID-19 work-from-home & digitisation

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lock down brought with it many ongoing consequences for the working world. Although at the end of 2023, analysts predicted that work-from-home (WFH) would be eradicated over the next few years, the first quarter of 2024 is painting a different picture.

Managing data governance in the era of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integral to business operations, data governance is essential to ensure the ethical and effective use of this technology. Integrating AI responsibly into business processes must be an organisational priority.

Inside or outside? The strategic value of outsourcing

Outsourcing is more than just catching an expert by the digital tail and swinging them into the enterprise, it’s a strategic investment into a long-term collaboration. Outsourcing essential business operations across multiple departments and functions has proven its strategic value as service providers refine their offerings and enterprises adapt their use cases and perceptions.

Samsung Director resigns after almost two decades of unwavering dedication

After 19 years of true loyalty, passion and dedicated service at Samsung Electronics South Africa, Hlubi Shivanda: Business Operations and Innovation and Corporate Affairs Director has resigned.


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