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Better risk management profiling through storytelling

In the intricate practice of risk management, a perplexing paradox unfolds where organisations engage in risk management practices that replicate their previous risk strategies, and still expect a different or improved outcome. Sometimes the cost of consequences is left to chance, perpetuating an 'ostrich effect' where it’s hoped that somehow cutting costs on essential risk management principles will yield viable savings.

Political risks and violence ranked as a number 5 business risk...

Businesses in South Africa experienced major losses in July from physical damage, business interruption, and loss of revenue, looting, vandalism caused by civil commotion, protests and riots which resulted in about $3.4 billion in lost output and placed 150,000 jobs at risk.

2021 business continuity pointers

By the time you read this, South Africa would have been in a state of lockdown for more than 300 days, and there is no end in sight; here or globally. We know that the economic consequences of this have been devastating for our country. Don’t be fooled by the GDP growth numbers for the third quarter of last year; 13,5% off the back of a 16,6% slump the previous quarter is not growth.

Diving back in – scaling up your small business

According to a recent National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) poll, 86% of small businesses in South Africa said they had suffered negative effects as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. And as the economy gradually begins to open up again, every small business owner will be looking critically at their business and creating a business continuity plan.

Insights on business continuity plans to secure the future of SMEs

Managing and growing a business is no easy feat, this task becomes even more difficult when you factor in recessions, economic downgrades and pandemics. But the hurdles entrepreneurs and their businesses are currently facing can also be an opportunity to pivot their companies and brands.

Manufacturing – maintaining continuity in the new normal

Manufacturers and distributors are operating in intensely pressured times. Stats SA reported that manufacturing output contracted for the ninth consecutive month in February of 2020 with the full extent of the damage caused by COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown still unknown.

Enabling remote workers at scale during COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned into a global crisis, evolving at unprecedented speed and scale. Experts don’t know how long it will take to contain the virus so businesses are challenged with not only preparing for the short-term, but also developing new capabilities and ways of working that will seamlessly enable longer-term changes to how they operate.

COVID-19 pandemic: what the crisis means for IT

Renewed emphasis on digitalisation as a key strategy for sustainability is placing pressure on CIOs to ensure corporate systems are resilient. One certainty that has emerged from the COVID-19 crisis is that organisations embarking on digitalisation were better prepared to respond to the crisis.

COVID-19: impact on banks and expectations on regulated entities

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the South African Reserve Bank (Reserve Bank) and the South African financial sector regulators, the Prudential Authority and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), have implemented several mitigation measures to support the economy and companies.

COVID-19: D&O claims could go viral as a result of the...

On March 12, 2020, a plaintiff shareholder filed a securities class action lawsuit against Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, alleging that the company was employing misleading sales tactics related to COVID-19 bookings and cancellations. Another D&O claim was lodged soon after against Inovio Pharmaceuticals relating to statements the company made about developing a vaccine for COVID-19.


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