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Next generation CMT operators can unlock billions of value

The adoption of key technologies in the South African communication, media and technology (CMT) space, can unlock R182 billion in value for the industry, consumers and society at large by 2026, we found in recent study.

Rework your revenue models & survive disruption?

The media landscape continues to shift, with consumer expectations driving innovation and new players disrupting traditional ways of broadcasting. Modern consumers now also connect with brands at an average of four to six touchpoints and they migrate from traditional platforms to digital devices to generate deeper insights before they take the desired action1.

Accenture, accelerating value to the South African economy for nearly 50...

Accenture has been adding value to the South African economy for nearly 50 years. Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services in strategy and consulting, interactive, technology and operations, with digital capabilities across all of these services. We work at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Continuous innovation: setting business apart in the post-digital era

Businesses will have to embed innovation in their DNA to future-proof their operations for the unparalleled pace of technological change in what we refer to in our Tech Vision 2020 as the post-digital era. In the past, businesses with a unique asset could enjoy a competitive advantage and sweat that asset for ten, twenty or even thirty years before their competitors caught on.

Tech trends that will transform the way we live and work

People’s love for technology has let businesses weave it, and themselves, into our lives, transforming how we work live and interact in this new world which we are referring to – in our Tech Vision 2020 – as the 'post-digital era'. But now we are being held back.

Shifting from cybersecurity to cyber resilience

Nature is inherently designed for resilience. The way trees are designed to bend but not break under the weight of high winds, storms, and snow, how they automatically renew and heal each season – we can learn a lot about resilience from nature and it is time for organisations to take a similar approach to cybersecurity.

BusinessBrief August/September 2019 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled AI 20/20 | A VISION FOR YOUR EXTERNAL ENGAGEMENT? by Karthik Venkataraman, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation, Accenture Technology in Africa, as well a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the August/September 2019 edition of BusinessBrief.

Banks must embrace digital disruption

Kele Boakgomo | Managing Director:  Financial Services Practice | Accenture South Africa | kele.boakgomo@accenture.com  | www.accenture.com | The banking industry continues to experience disruption -...

African Fears for the Rise of the Machine

Many African businesses are grappling with the challenges posed by digitalisation as fears mount of the "rise of the machine” and its consequent impact on jobs and growth. However, this myopic view of the future comes with a significant risk as it overlooks the real economic value that digitally driven industry initiatives will bring to growth, development, jobs and society at large.



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