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Change Management – a core competency for leaders?

Ntombizone Feni | Executive Director | 21st Century | mail me | How often do we find ourselves grappling with the need for a keen...

Evolving a workforce strategy – introducing the 6R model

In the contemporary business environment, characterised by rapid technological advancements, globalisation, and shifting workforce dynamics, organisations face unprecedented challenges in workforce planning and management. Traditional models, focused primarily on headcount, no longer suffice as companies navigate the complexities of digital transformation, remote work, and an increasingly diverse and dynamic workforce.

Navigating the ESG Landscape – a global perspective

In today's corporate world, the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into executive compensation plans has become a beacon of progressive strategy, illuminating the path towards sustainability and responsible governance.

Remuneration predictions for 2024 & beyond

In the rapidly evolving landscape of employee remuneration, the year 2024 marks a crucial juncture. The global dynamics are shifting, presenting both challenges and opportunities for organisations and their workforce. The remuneration climate is quickly and continuously changing, forcibly and consistently keeping us on our toes.

Managing Generation Z in a hybrid work environment

Imagine a manager who is all about getting things done within a specific timeframe, a true advocate for efficiency and productivity. This manager, often perceived as strict, means business. But here is the twist – the moment they see their team fired up, committed to growth, and thriving, suddenly, they radiate positivity and support for their team.

Unveiling the maturity of HR analytics – from insights to action

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, data-driven decision-making has become paramount for organisations seeking a competitive edge. The field of Human Resources (HR) is no exception, with a growing number of HR professionals.

Igniting the mind, heart, and soul of business in SA

With a personal affinity for change management borne out of transformative events in my life, I have witnessed its power to shape attitudes, behaviours, and thinking. In the fast-paced world of business, change management emerges as the transformative force that ignites the mind, heart, and soul of organisations.

Job evaluation is key in the organisational design process

Do not underestimate the strength of job evaluation in the organisational design process. Many companies are rightly worried in today’s world about the efficiency of their organisational structures.

Business data can be insightful, but first!

African Bank does it again! They have been named Top Employer in the country by the Top Employers Institute for the second year in a row (News 24, Feb 2023). The survey looks at a number of HR domains ranging from people strategy, workplace environment, talent management and workplace equity, diversity and inclusion.

What should remuneration committees be focussing on and why?

Remuneration committees have an onerous task of navigating one of the most contentious issues in almost any company – that of setting remuneration for executives and more recently overseeing the remuneration of the workers.


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