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SMEs vulnerable to cyber attacks

South Africa has the sixth highest rate of cybercrime victims worldwide, according to a report by international cybersecurity company Surfshark. Following the breach of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s personal data by hackers, consumers have been cautioned to remain vigilant when visiting websites and making online transactions.

Concerns raised over the new rules

The ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) has published draft rules aimed at further regulating the registration and operation of websites in South Africa. For local hosting companies that offer domain name registrations and registrar services, additional license conditions and fees payable via the registry may impact their ability to offer competitive pricing.

Get your business online – in a hurry

Whether you’ve been retrenched, and need to get your business idea off the ground as soon as possible, or you’re launching a side hustle to earn an additional income; existing online is key to your success. The internet is where customers go to search for products and services, read reviews, and spend their hard-earned cash.

Are websites heading towards their ‘Kodak moment’?

For over a hundred years, Kodak held a near-monopoly on the manufacture of cameras and photo production. In 2007, the introduction of the digital camera resulted in film camera sales falling to almost zero, which led to the company filing for bankruptcy in January 2012.


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