BOOK REVIEW | The world’s most inspiring accountants


This is a book about the extraordinary economic, social, personal and emotional impact accountants across the world are having.

On its dust jacket the giants of profession hail it as:

  • “A message the world needs to hear” – Edi Osborne
  • “The shot in the arm that every small accountancy firm needs” – Heather Townsend
  • “A desperately needed wake-up call” – Gordon Gilchrist
  • “A massive contribution” – Paul Dunn
  • “On a par with Jim Collins” – Mark Lloydbottom
  • “A brilliant book that provides the missing key for accountants struggling with value pricing” – Mark Wickersham
  • “A book that solves the self-confidence crisis within the profession”– Simon Chaplin

How it will help you

The 57 inspiring accountancy practices featured in its pages come from every continent, and are of every size and age. And by reading their stories you will:

  • See how they are generating growth, creating jobs and changing lives
  • Understand how they are making the world a happier and fairer place
  • Discover the four main types of services accountants provide that make all of this possible
  • Debunk the 15 excuses that prevent some accountants achieving their full potential
  • Learn how to build an accounting firm that is extraordinarily rewarding for everyone involved, both financiallyand emotionally.

By helping accountants to understand the profound impact they can have, this book inspires them to stand tall, inspires them to serve their clients better, inspires them to make more of a difference and inspires them to improve the reputation of the entire profession.

As such it is essential reading for the accounting profession’s leaders of today (founders, partners, directors etc.), the leaders of tomorrow (managers, qualified accountants, trainees, students etc.) and anyone else who cares about the profession.

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