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PixPlay gives ideas life through video

The specialist video producer captures and crafts video content which is suited for social media platforms, TV commercials and events.

Its mantra?

Not simply to make videos but to tell stories. The team delivers ideation, scriptwriting, casting, camera shooting, audio recording, film production and post-production editing to clients of all sizes, on schedule.

With a street-root start and doing the real Jozi hustle, PixPlay was established in 2016 by Molebogeng Angoma from the back of his motorcycle.

After spending around 10 years in the film industry as a videographer fulfilling multiple production tasks, Molebogeng decided to launch a startup company outside of the film industry.

He entered into the world of landscaping.

It was here that he learnt salesmanship and customer service. Walking onto construction sites or door-to-door was new and exciting but the film bug never let go. He soon found himself selling health and safety videos to the foreman as well.

This growing sales skill enabled PixPlay to grow steadily.

Molebogeng also attributes early success to past employers namely The Fort, IHPC and 1410th Street Productions. Instead of seeing PixPlay as competition, they championed the idea and handed him some of his very first projects. As small as the budgets and briefs were, this encouraged Molebogeng to keep serving his clients with high quality video content.

In 2017 Molebogeng was looking for a big break in terms of mentorship and business development. This came in the shape of an introduction to Ebony and Ivory (E+I), an integrated advertising agency based in Parktown North in Joburg.

“Joining the agency’s Hlumani Trust has been a real boost to my business and self-confidence. Having access to high speed internet, office space, like-minded creatives and mentorship has only seen my business move from strength to strength,” he says.

“We shoot. We edit. You play.”

Molebogeng Angoma can be reached on:


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