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REVIEW | Huawei’s first Pura delights

It starts with the camera, but then goes deep into its insides. The Huawei Pura70 Ultra is the first of a new generation of Huawei smartphones, using the Pura sub-brand that evolved from the P- or Premium series. And this device is a pure premium delight.

AI can’t take the farmer out of farming

Agriculture in Africa is being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI), but there is still one element it cannot replace. Despite dramatic technological advances in the sector in recent decades, the role of the farmer remains indispensable. This was a message delivered, surprisingly, at a recent conference in Europe, by a world leader in the field – from Eswatini.

The secret sauce of cybersecurity

Who knew that cybersecurity was not about sticking a firewall on the edges of the corporate network? Well it is, but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re already in trouble. At the recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) annual cybersecurity conference, re:Inforce, held in Philadelphia this year, a constant refrain was that cybersecurity is as much about corporate culture as it is about technology.

REVIEW | Gadgets of the year 2023 – Load shedding gadgets

Innovations kept coming in 2023 and load shedding continues in 2024. This drives my choice of the year’s best load shedding gadgets. I have selected the best of the year’s gadgets that made life more convenient, enjoyable and manageable to ease the power outages.

REVIEW | Gadgets of the year 2023 – Fun gadgets

Innovations kept coming in 2023, and drives my choice of the year’s best fun gadgets. The best of the year’s gadgets that made life more convenient, enjoyable and manageable are selected.

REVIEW | Gadgets of the Year 2023 – Smartphones

Innovations kept coming in 2023, and drives my choice of the year’s best smartphones. As consumers keep tightening their belts, manufacturers have to find new ways to convince them to go out and spend. These are the handsets that I enjoyed most having in my hands in 2023.

Satellites jostle for space

Internet connectivity via satellite has always been regarded as slow and expensive for its users, and cumbersome and expensive for its owners. SpaceX changed all that with the Starlink constellation of cheap satellites, which now make up more than half the satellites orbiting earth – 5,000 and climbing.

Future of cars in the cloud

Cars may be confined to the road but, increasingly, they depend on the cloud. From design and manufacture of vehicles to driving and maintenance, cloud computing has become critical to every part of the literal and figurative journey.

BOOK REVIEW | The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AI

For the past decade, Arthur Goldstuck has had a front-row seat to witness the remarkable rise of artificial intelligence (AI) across all sectors of business and society. As generative AI becomes a household phrase and sparks hopes and fears of machines augmenting or replacing human beings, this guide offers an invaluable overview of the past, present and future of AI.

Signpost ADHD? In tech, it’s a superpower

The concept of diversity is well understood in most businesses, as is the negative impact of having leadership teams made up of people who are homogenous in their backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. Research has shown, for example, that greater diversity in start-ups is equated with greater likelihood of success.


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