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Employing illegal foreign nationals – the cost, the risk and the...

With unemployment figures at an all-time high and South Africa facing numerous economic challenges, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the Department of Labour (DoL) are again taking steps to curb the employment of illegal foreign nationals living in South Africa.

Work permits for South Africa and further abroad

Whether you are a South African looking for work opportunities abroad, or a foreign national wanting to work in South Africa, you still need a work permit or a visa to make the transition. However, job seekers the world over are quick to send out their CVā€™s and engaging foreign companies without knowing what exactly a work permit is or why they need one.

What to consider when applying for a work permit?

Following a shift towards global recruitment processes, many South Africans have succumbed to the lustre of opportunities that lie in wait in foreign countries. Eager to find international career advancement, or simply to earn a foreign salary, they put their skills and qualifications on the line and begin applying for work overseas.

Digital work permits key to getting the country back to work

With the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown finally starting to wind down after five long weeks, many businesses now find themselves having to coordinate the restart of their operations. A major part of this is ensuring that employees can return to work, which comes with many challenges considering the host of rules and regulations introduced at the start of the Level 4 phase of the national lockdown.

COVID-19 impact: what happens to visa and travel plans now?

The ongoing developments around Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) globally have led to many governments and authorities implement stringent safety measures to tackle its impact. Measures such as increased travel restrictions and, in most countries, complete travel bans restricting all international travel, have created a seismic shift in the tourism and travel supply chain.

Immigrant employment obligations and the law

Many people throughout Africa, look at South Africa is a place which offers socio-economic opportunities; and as a result, it has become home to many inter-regional and inter-continental migrants seeking gainful employment.


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