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Privacy check-in – POPIA pitfalls in the hospitality industry

South Africa's hospitality industry is seeing a shift from traditional leisure-based tourism to experience-based tourism, focused on providing tourists with unique, authentic life-enriching experiences.

Navigating the complexities of claims and procedure

In a recent case of MM obo GM v the North West Province's Department of Health MEC, (782/2022) [2024] ZASCA 52, an appellant's claim for certain damages was struck from the roll by the Supreme Court of Appeal and her claim for personal damages was remitted to the trial court for determination.

Adapting workplaces to climate change

South Africa's scorching summers are becoming the norm, not the exception. This changing climate is not just a weather inconvenience, but a growing threat to worker safety. To address the possible health and safety risks associated with climate change (such as heatstroke in construction or injuries during floods), health and safety committees and officers should consider incorporating climate-related hazard indicators and assess the hazard-specific vulnerability of workers, workflows, and their environments.

PRECCA emphasises third-party accountability & proactive anti-corruption

South Africa is continuously suffering from the effects of corruption and drainage of resources, some of which were highlighted in the state capture saga. Optimistically, significant changes have occurred in the public and private spheres to ensure that the industrial-scale corruption perpetrated does not continue to repeat itself. One such change is the recent signing of the Judicial Matters Amendment Bill into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 3 April 2024.

Strategic structuring – the keystone of startup success

In the fast-paced world of startups, particularly those breaking new ground, the excitement of innovation and market disruption often takes centre stage. However, amidst this buzz, it's crucial for startups to prioritise their foundational business structures from the outset.

The Joint Standard 2 of 2024 on cybersecurity & cyber resilience...

The Financial Sector Regulation (FSCA) and the Prudential Authority (PA) published Joint Standard 2 of 2024 on Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience Requirements on 17 May 2024. The Joint Standard 2 of 2024 (Joint Standard) applies to all financial institutions as defined in the Joint Standard. It sets out the requirements for sound practices and processes relating to cybersecurity and cyber resilience for financial institutions.

The ins & outs of international arbitration

While emotions might run high during a business disagreement, choosing the right dispute resolution method is a practical decision. Dispute resolution attorneys understand this and that it is inevitable for disputes to arise. For this reason, companies must grasp and understand how international arbitrations work, so as to be well-equipped to navigate disputes effectively when they occur.

The digital tightrope walk for business & human rights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation but also presents significant challenges and risks, especially concerning human rights and corporate governance.

Navigating tax deductions – lessons from the Unitrans case

The Gauteng High Court recently dismissed the appeal of Unitrans Holdings (Unitrans) against the Tax Court judgment which had denied a tax deduction for interest incurred. The court found that the interest incurred was not closely connected to Unitrans’ business operations as an investment holding company and that the purpose of the interest was not to produce income but to further the interests of the subsidiaries.

Stamping out racially charged misconduct

A recent Labour Court judgment reaffirms the court's position to support employers that dismiss employees for racial misconduct, whether casual or brazen.


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