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Thematic investing – here’s why critics are wrong

A difficult period for the performance of some thematic funds has given fuel to the naysayers’ arguments. But we believe thematic investing with an active approach is a powerful tool for investors now and in the years to come. Thematic investing has taken off in recent years. Global thematic assets under management stood at $400 billion as of 1 July 2023, up 11% from the end of last year (according to data from Goldman Sachs).

Industrialisation of AI is poised to be as transformative as the...

For jobs to be created, new industries need to be created and for that, you need people. A unique opportunity for job creation is emerging with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), which is set to not only become a new growth area of its own but will also upend innumerable existing industries.

Steel & engineering sector on the precipice of a jobs crisis

The employment trends in the metals and engineering sector are an important indicator for the underlying structural constraints that have plagued the sector for the last decade and a half. The sector currently employs 362,871 people, which is a significant drop from the 577,507 people employed in 2008.

Taking a future-ready approach to sustainable building and design

The construction sector must not be overlooked in the drive towards achieving net zero. While sectors such as industrial manufacturing, mining and fossil fuel power generation tend to grab more headlines, the construction of buildings and infrastructure accounts for approximately 7 Gt CO2e, or 20% of global carbon emissions, where 4 Gt CO2e is associated with the materials used for construction.

Digital treasuries – is it too early for Africa?

There are many challenges for treasuries across the world, in any market, but the developing world has an opportunity for a head start in the switch to digital. This is borne out by the fact that the adoption of best practice treasury management tools, technology and integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that feed off data points all along the ERP value chain, are entirely within the grasp of corporate treasuries.

The collapse of the Steel Master Plan and disintegration of industry

The steel industry is the backbone of any economy, it forms the foundation of any modern economy and is essential to every single sector. Without a healthy and vibrant local steel industry, South Africa will simply not be able to integrate and develop itself or the rest of the continent.

Let ERP system drive your ESG initiatives

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives have become top of mind in many companies. This has left organisations with questions such as: “Who should run with this internally?”, “What do we need to do?”, and “Is this something that will save us money or cost us money down the line?”

Retailers – get the best out of monitoring & security

From a smart retail perspective, it is crucial to understand that monitoring stock and other assets through camera surveillance and a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors stretches further than the stores themselves.

Net zero strategies & progress in retail

South Africa’s retail sector is optimally positioned to drive emission reductions through net zero commitments. This can be achieved by its significant influence through conducting direct engagement with its suppliers for extensive emissions reductions impact throughout its value chain.

BOOK REVIEW | A Country of Two Agricultures

Nearly three decades after the dawn of democracy, South Africa has remained a country of ‘two agricultures’. On the one hand we have a subsistence, primarily non-commercial, black farming segment. On the other hand, however, we have a predominantly commercial and white farming sector that is well-resourced and has access to domestic and international trade networks.


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