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Optimal tertiary education – boost careers, maximise funds

The rush to enrol at universities and colleges is just about over. But by December, about 60% of the students who enrolled this year will drop out. With the dropout rate will go the career dreams of many, hard-earned savings, and the realisation that student loans will now have to be repaid.

Studying as an adult – what you need to consider

There are many reasons why people consider furthering their studies as adults. Some did not have the opportunity to pursue tertiary education straight out of high school. Others may not have felt the urge to study at that point. For many people, the impetus comes from a changing working world and the desire to keep their skills up-to-date to pursue career growth opportunities, to up-skill before returning to work after a break, or to challenge themselves and learn something new

Could ChatGPT be the learning transformation catalyst?

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) language model, is forcing a significant paradigm shift in the education sector, as educators at all levels, but particularly in tertiary institutions, grapple with the implications, the technology that has so much potential to do good, but also raises concerns about its impact on the validity of traditional student outputs like essays and tests.

Women in leadership and the empowerment of employability

As we celebrate Women’s Month in South Africa, it is essential to reflect on the incredible women who have been trailblazers in breaking barriers and attaining leadership positions across various industries. Women have defied societal norms, shattered glass ceilings, and proven time and again that they are a force to be reckoned with.

The benefits of investing on behalf of children

We have all heard the phrase: “It’s not about timing the market, but time in the market.” One of the most important lessons parents can teach their children is the value of money – how to really understand the dynamics around investing and how to make money work for them.

A post-industrial era education model

We’re living in a world of radical shift. And yet, our education system harks back to a bygone era. I believe that not only that we are facing a great opportunity to change the way we learn, but in fact, that we need to reimagine education completely, and see it as a process of learning, unlearning and relearning, throughout our professional lives.

Closing the digital literacy divide will boost entrepreneurism

Growth of the entrepreneurial sector is key to addressing South Africa’s unemployment crisis, especially amongst the youth. Young people, however, face many barriers to success. Amongst these is a dire lack of digital literacy and access to internet and data.

Our responsibility towards education as a basic human right

The government has made provision for both basic education, and further education, in the South African Constitution. Section 29 (1) states, “Everyone has the right to- a) basic education, including adult basic education; and b) further education, which the state, through reasonable measures, must make progressively available and accessible.”


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