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Adtech’s future – AI, first-party data & privacy

Adtech organisations sit at the very edge of innovation and the evolution of marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the rise of data alongside the demise of the third-party cookie, have reimagined contextual messaging, creativity, and campaigns at scale.

The end of third-party cookies – what businesses need to know

In a move to charter a 'course towards a more privacy-first web', Google announced plans to phase out third-party cookies in their Chrome browser by mid-2023. This comes as part of their broader Privacy Sandbox initiative launched in 2019 and has led businesses to speculate about the future of digital advertising.

Could Meta further entrench inequality?

Facebook’s rebranding presents the globe with the opportunity to partake in a multisensory world where ideas, online currencies and products are exchanged in a democratic manner. Its presence could mean Africa’s economy will play catch-up to the rest of the world.


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