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Critical Skills List gazetted but what comes next?

Gazetted in February 2022, the latest Critical Skills List added numerous skills that have been in short supply in South Africa for some time. The list was previously updated back in 2014. As world economies reopen, local enterprises can finally source expatriate talent to fill the persistent skills gaps keeping them from achieving their strategic objectives.

Understanding tax on your payslip – as easy as 1 +...

Most employees break out into a cold sweat when they see the PAYE amount on their payslips, not to mention that they are petrified in trying to understand these calculations. With some basic professional training with practical examples, understanding the basics of tax can easily be learnt with basic arithmetic.

Myths that employee tax training can instantly dispel

When it comes to employee tax, a little training goes a long way towards restoring productivity. Many employees don’t understand the complex tax calculations payroll applies to their earnings each month and often question these deductions.

Payslip – what happened to my net take home pay?

Starting a new job in an employee’s career is usually an exciting event with the additional prospect of increasing their earning potential in most cases. With the evolution of payroll systems over the years, it is natural to accept that there should not be any discrepancies between what an employee has been offered and what he receives when they obtain their first payslip.


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