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BOOK REVIEW | Radical Simplicity

In celebration of DHL’s fiftieth anniversary as a world-leading delivery company, former CEO of DHL - Ken Allen – shares the inspiring story of his journey to the top of the industry in his recently launched memoir, Radical Simplicity. The book demonstrates how simplicity successfully transformed a loss-making mega brand into a world-class performer.

Refining the last mile journey with technology

Automation offers the supply chain significant advantages across efficiency, capability and reducing complexity. It can take on the tedium while opening up opportunity, and it can cut costs while allowing for improvements in deliverable and customer engagement. 

AI 20/20 – a vision for your external engagement?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is transforming and digitizing everything from backend customer service centres to procurement and supply chain management. In fact, AI capabilities are increasingly being embedded throughout organisational structures, opening up a new digital frontier that most companies, both large and small, are still grappling with on a day-to-day basis.

Driving consumer behaviour by addressing the entire supply chain

Changing consumer behaviour and creating loyalty throughout the supply chain are areas every FMCG manufacturer is trying to achieve. However, these are the last links and typically the most difficult elements to manipulate. This is due to challenges around validating sales – you can only reward loyalty if you can verify the purchase. 

How AI is growing in the workplace

So far the effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been slow to reveal themselves in businesses in South Africa but the scale of the oncoming change is starting to become apparent overseas. AI’s influence is growing in the workplace and will bring substantial change to South African offices in the next few years as machine learning, task automation and robotics are increasingly used in business.
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