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Samsung Director resigns after almost two decades of unwavering dedication

After 19 years of true loyalty, passion and dedicated service at Samsung Electronics South Africa, Hlubi Shivanda: Business Operations and Innovation and Corporate Affairs Director has resigned.

Strengthening supplier management processes against fraud

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) not only have a serious fiduciary duty to themselves as individuals, but they also have a responsibility to their employer to ensure that every step of every financial process is in order and above board. The consequences of financial mismanagement are multiple – again, individually as well as for the company.

Poor data maintenance leads to data ‘load shedding’

Data integrity, security, and availability are vital aspects to consider whether it pertains to personal information, business records, or research data. However, many individuals and organisations often neglect the importance of data maintenance, which can lead to data ‘load shedding’, a term used to describe the loss, corruption, or unavailability of data due to poor data management practices.

Technology can help manufacturers test products and spot problems

Simply put, consumers must be able to trust the food they buy. Quality control issues can easily and quickly lead to consumer dissatisfaction and negative sentiment towards a brand or product line. They may also lead to a costly product recall, or in the worst-case scenario, a consumer death and the massive destruction of brand value and reputation. 

Using standardisation to successfully meet tender requirements

Tenders are complex and competitive with multiple, highly-skilled organisations vying for the same projects and opportunities. This makes it key that companies stand out, showcasing their expertise and offerings in ways that underscore the invaluable tenets of cost-efficiency, quality, proven capability and productivity.

Ways that bot workers can help SMEs

Technology is moving so quickly that many business owners might feel overwhelmed with all the sudden hype around artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT and other trends. We’re still coming to terms with what this technology means and how we can use AI in any meaningful way.

Transforming service delivery in smart procurement optimisation steps

Optimised procurement processes have the potential to refine supply chain management and resolve ongoing corruption challenges.

Lack of accountability and consequence management plagues local government

The 2019-20 local government general report released by the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA) on 15 June continues to emphasise the lack of accountability and consequence management in local government which impacts service delivery and municipal finance management.

Bidvest Bank has explored and identified efficiency gains to reveal opportunities...

The future of fleet management in South Africa is supporting the need to reduce future fleet costs through direct cost savings or increased efficiencies and utilization gains. This is not simply restricted to fleet management but will be achieved in conjunction with technology advancements in service delivery and supply chain management activities.

Proactively managing supply chain risks

If you’re in the business of importing or exporting, you will be acutely aware of the current pains caused by global supply chain problems. With the help of expert advice, there are several steps you can take to protect your business.


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