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Chartered Accountants – future-proof and agile?

Having recently moved from Johannesburg to Toronto I have fielded a flurry of questions from colleagues and if I’m being honest, around the weight of our qualification. Can we have both global mobility and success? Are we future-proofed? Do we need to reinvent ourselves to remain agile?

Directors’ role as the cornerstone of the governance ecosystem

The governance ecosystem is touted to give accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility as the pillars on which corporate governance is built to all stakeholders and sanction or root out perverse conduct in an appropriate and balanced manner. This should keep the equilibrium of all stakeholders’ rights and obligations in check.

The curious case of costing the NHI

While the President has signed the National Health Insurance (NHI) into law, the bean counters at National Treasury have yet to start looking for their excel sheets needed to ensure the NHI is fully costed. The first reason is due to the confusion of objective versus political ideology. The NHI has been touted as introducing “universal healthcare coverage” (UHC).

The need for reforms in South Africa’s auditor liability regime

In the 2013 Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC Report), one of the recommendations provided was the need for South Africa to consider enacting a law that would allow audit firms to organise as limited liability partnerships (LLPs).

How digital transformation is reshaping auditing

Digital innovation offers unique insights throughout the audit process, enabling auditors to offer increased value and efficiency in a demanding economy.

Business should take note of the new Sustainability Reporting standards

Milton Segal | Executive Director | Standards | South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) | mail me | Sustainability Reporting is about to be revolutionised thanks...

Local government must promote an ethical culture to attract and retain...

We urge government to fast track professionalisation of local government finance units. This follows the Auditor-General (AG), Tsakani Maluleke’s presentation on the 2021-22 Local Government Audit Outcome to the Standing Committee of the Auditor-General (SCOAG) on Wednesday, 31 May which continues to reflect poor audit outcomes as a result of poor financial planning, inadequate financial controls, skills and capacity, governance and accountability.

Eskom’s indicators of impairment

We are all only too aware of the dire state of South Africa’s state-owned power provider - Eskom. We now live in permanent load shedding, and only the stages of load shedding alternate depending on the time of day, energy consumption and how much, or little power is available on the grid at a time.

Budget 2023: Inflation – the invisible taxman

Inflation is the increase in prices over a specific period and which leads to a reduction in the purchasing power of money. The correlation between inflation and purchasing power is important because sometimes we are fooled into thinking that just because an amount increased, like your salary, your purchasing power remains the same.

Generative AI – a game changer for people, business and government

Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the response below was generated following the prompt "Write the opening paragraph for a media release about how transformative generative AI can be for business and government". Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses and governments operate, enabling them to create new products and services, improve efficiency and decision-making, and drive innovation.


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