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Budget 2020: SMMEs, just hang in there!

South African small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) are struggling with weak economic growth, load shedding and crime. The regulatory burden also continues to hamper the growth of these businesses and their employment creation abilities.

Auditing Profession Amendment Bill released

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) welcomes the gazetting of the Auditing Profession Amendment Bill (APA Bill), and commits to supporting initiatives aimed at improving the regulatory environment in order to restore trust in South African capital markets. SAICA is looking forward to making a positive contribution in this amendment process. 

Budget 2020 – wish list and tax incentives

Every year, when I start thinking about the annual Budget Speech, I wonder what is to come. Is this the year that the corporate tax rate will change? Maybe capital gains will finally be 100% taxable? Or something more low key, like an increase in the Securities Transfer Tax?

2020 Budget Predictions

As we approach Budget Speech Day on 26 February 2020, many people are wondering what kind of rabbit Finance Minister Tito Mboweni is going to pull out of his hat this year. Most commentators will talk about ‘bracket-creep’, sin taxes and an increase of 1% to the VAT rate. But the Minister needs to start becoming a little more creative.

Success of YES’s strategy recognised in 2020 SONA

During the 2020 State of the Nation Address, President Ramaphosa made special mention of the great strides being made by the Youth Employment Service (YES) in tackling South Africa’s youth employment crisis.

FEATURE | Professional Education

The only constant in a tech-driven world is change. Rapid advances in technology are driving change in the workplace. To remain competitive, businesses are having to implement new strategies that include technology, upskilling their workforce, employing agile leaders and promoting a culture of lifelong learning among managers and other employees.

How will professional accountants remain relevant?

Future shifts in demands and activities are unavoidable for all professions. The future of the accounting profession as one that remains relevant and vital to the prosperity of the societies in which it operates, depends on its ability to focus on what is required to sustain its relevance in an evolving, changing, and technologically-dominated future.

Revised CA Charter now open for public comment

In its quest to empower and grow the number of Black people in the chartered accountancy profession and empower them meaningfully to participate and sustain the growth of the economy, the Department of Trade and Industry, has gazetted the revised Chartered Accountancy Profession Sector Code (CA Charter) for public comment.

FEATURE | The Future Accountant

According to QuickBooks, there are already more than 700 apps that are assisting accountants to automate processes and reduce their workload. Gone are the days where accountants can be mere number crunchers, who collate and check data and allocate it to the correct cost centre. The future accountant will have transformed her/himself into a financial advisor, adding value to businesses by offering strategic advice, consulting and financial planning.

Budget 2019 | what can personal income taxpayers expect?

Against the backdrop of the weakening Rand, the pain point of the increased marginal tax rate of 45 per cent, the increase in the VAT rate by 1 percent in April 2018 and the decline in household spend, can South Africans really afford another tax rate hike?



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