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How to communicate with different generations via email

There are 3.9 billion email users in the world, across every generation. But, while every generation uses it, some use it differently to others. How can you customise your emails, so they connect with the generation you’re talking to?

The social media megatrends for 2021

As traditional media strategies faltered, 2020 highlighted the growing relevance of social media marketing and the need for businesses to relook customer engagement. Social media usage soared – both in number of users and amount of time spent on social media platforms.

Ways in which customer communication changed in 2020

All of us have witnessed immeasurable changes in 2020, with disruptions to the way we live our lives and do business. Customer communication is no exception. While business was already embracing digital, COVID-19 only accelerated this transformation. 

Marketing strategies: stop winging marketing efforts

Whether they like it or not, all business owners engage in some form of marketing, but many neglect to adopt a strategic approach. It’s not surprising then that marketing was highlighted as the area in which most business owners feel they require skills training, according to the most recent National Small Business Survey by the National Small Business Chamber.


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