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Get the best of both worlds as an employee with TES

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates globally, which results in significant economic challenges. It has also created a growing contingent of discouraged job seekers, who have effectively given up on trying to secure employment, which exacerbates the issue.

Skills development more critical as the transformation of 4IR continues

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a digital revolution that has massive transformative potential. Technology is rapidly evolving, and if used correctly, it can improve both the spend and quality of business operations. However, without the right skills within the business, technology is either used ineffectively or not used at all, which can be detrimental.

SA’s unemployment conundrum – a skills chasm or a mindset constraint?

COVID-19’s devastating grip on economies may be dominating headlines but in many parts of the world – specifically South Africa – chronic unemployment is arguably, the more debilitating 'pandemic'. With the world record for the highest unemployment rate, close to half our population (44.4%) who are eligible to work, remain unemployed.

Skills development lies at the heart of improving economic participation

Skills development is one of the cornerstones of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and makes up a significant percentage of the scorecard. South African businesses need to shift their mindset to see it as more than just a compliance exercise. The goal of B-BBEE is not to stifle businesses but to provide a fair environment for all and uplift previously disadvantaged people to enable them to earn an income and contribute to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The Age of Relevance and why innovation holds the key

Innovation as a management discipline and its application in everyday work life has become synonymous with growth and sustainability. As advocated by innovation guru Gary Hamel since mid- 2000, there is a good understanding that Innovation in management principles and processes can create long-lasting advantage and produce dramatic shifts in competitive position.

Shifting from unemployment to unlocking potential for job creation

Youth unemployment is not a problem to be solved; it is an opportunity to maximise. Reframing one of South Africa’s single biggest socio-economic challenges sets the us apart from most skills development providers.

Technology can help spaza shops become a hub of learning

Spaza shops are at the heart of many South African informal communities, selling small quantities of everything, from groceries and home care products to medication and cleaning supplies. For the millions of citizens who live hand-to-mouth, the role of the spaza shop as a bulk breaker is a lifeline.

2021 riots show SA at a crossroads – it’s time to...

After the shocking riots that engulfed South Africa last month, all of us in this beautiful country have cause for deep reflection, regardless of our race, religion, age or political views. Was this a singular event, why did it happen? Few would deny that the inequality in our society, poverty and unemployment of so many are among the root causes.

Digitalisation of SME enablement key to supply chain integration

If South Africa is to successfully drive job creation and achieve sustainable economic growth, the key is to enable large corporate support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The small business sector is instrumental to creating an inclusive economy and a better life for the previously marginalised.

Reverse mentorship provides modern alternative to traditional model

Traditionally, mentoring involved a more experienced individual providing guidance, motivation and role modelling for a newer, younger individual in the workplace. This transfer of knowledge and industry insights entails a power relationship, where the mentor has authority over the person in the protégé role.


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