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The Joint Standard 2 of 2024 on cybersecurity & cyber resilience...

The Financial Sector Regulation (FSCA) and the Prudential Authority (PA) published Joint Standard 2 of 2024 on Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience Requirements on 17 May 2024. The Joint Standard 2 of 2024 (Joint Standard) applies to all financial institutions as defined in the Joint Standard. It sets out the requirements for sound practices and processes relating to cybersecurity and cyber resilience for financial institutions.

Inside or outside? The strategic value of outsourcing

Outsourcing is more than just catching an expert by the digital tail and swinging them into the enterprise, it’s a strategic investment into a long-term collaboration. Outsourcing essential business operations across multiple departments and functions has proven its strategic value as service providers refine their offerings and enterprises adapt their use cases and perceptions.

Data sovereignty – key messages for a data strategy

Data is immensely valuable to all organisations, a significant resource for the digital economy and the ‘cornerstone of our EU industrial competitiveness,’ says the European Commission. But its value is determined by how it can be protected and used by those who own it.

Protecting schools from data breaches and ransomware

As organisations across the globe contend with an increasing number of cyberattacks, schools and higher learning institutions are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to protect their students, staff, and data from breaches and ransomware.

What the FUD? How attackers are still exploiting this tactic

The statistics make for worrying reading. According to our Data Protection Trends Report 2022, 97% of South African companies experienced an outage due to a cyberattack in the past 12 months. Of those, almost nine in 10 (86%) suffered a ransomware attack.

Check before you click and fight the Phish!

While phishing scams are nothing new and have not changed drastically since their inception several years ago, we have seen some changes in terms of the techniques used, as well as the sophistication of content. From a tech perspective, the general technology used to pull off these social engineering attacks remains the same.

How deepfakes attack business and how to combat them

Recently, the FBI announced that more companies have been reporting people applying to jobs using deepfakes. Imposters use video, images, recordings, and stolen identities pretending to be someone else to get a remote IT position.

SMEs vulnerable to cyber attacks

South Africa has the sixth highest rate of cybercrime victims worldwide, according to a report by international cybersecurity company Surfshark. Following the breach of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s personal data by hackers, consumers have been cautioned to remain vigilant when visiting websites and making online transactions.

Local – complete cloud puzzle for digital transformation

The cloud infrastructure market is likely to be the battleground of the immediate future. Globally, the cloud is booming with the combined public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) segments forecast to have revenues of $400 billion in 2025.

Moving South African businesses beyond merely being ‘resilient’

Having a backup plan is a given not a nice-to-have. Whether you are automatically archiving historical client data or testing a new cybersecurity strategy, backup planning helps to keep the business running smoothly. However, simply being prepared is not enough – your business must be resilient.


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