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What to consider when looking at offshore risk protection?

Digitisation and increased mobility in the workplace are making the world more accessible by the day. With a paradigm shift towards working remotely, many South Africans are looking for ways to do this while travelling the globe. An accompanying spike in people wanting to emigrate or find work overseas, means there are a lot of South Africans abroad, or on their way soon.

Applying for a home loan? Here’s what the banks are looking...

Applying for a home loan is the most important step on the home buying journey, but many first-time applicants are in the dark about what the banks – the institutions with the power to approve these home loans are looking for. The process is relatively straightforward, provided you have all your financial affairs in order.

The year that changed the world

Looking back to the start of 2020, it is clear that as early as the first quarter we saw the pandemic render economic projections and business forecasts obsolete, while industries across all sectors of the economy were forced to reinvent the way business is done, leading to dramatic shifts in the landscape of the risks we face.

Mid-sized companies are defenceless to sophisticated cyberattacks

Medium-sized companies in South Africa are in a precarious position in terms of cybersecurity. While they find themselves firmly in the crosshairs of cybercriminals, they also have limited options to successfully defend themselves against cyberattacks, as the challenges faced by this market segment are multifaceted.

Unlocking the routes to risk mitigation through best practice and intelligent...

Risk management is defined by the identification of events, both internal and external, that can affect the organisation’s ability to achieve specific objectives and to remain compliant within specific regulations. Risk management is carefully outlined in King IV as being inseparable from the company’s strategy and sustainability.

Building and enhancing business resilience

2020 has seen more people speaking of 'resilience' than ever before. While some organisations are well underway on their resilience journeys, others still ponder what resilience really means and how to start building it. Amidst global economic pressures, many organisations do not have the funds, resources and time available to develop and implement comprehensive programmes to enhance resilience.

REITs versus investing in direct property

You’ve heard about the wonders of property as an asset class and you have made a commitment to get into it. The most obvious way to enter the market is to buy property directly – as in when you buy a home, the whole building as well as the garden belongs to you (well, it will do in 20 years’ time when you have paid off the bond).

COVID-19: can employees withdraw from the workplace?

Employees returning to work from the COVID-19 lockdown will need to show reasonable justification if they halt work on the basis that they are exposed to the virus. Legal provisions allowing employees to withdraw from a hazardous working situation could, in the context of COVID-19, be open to abuse by unprincipled employees or trades unions.

Is your workplace COVID-19 ready?

As South Africa prepares to move from level 4 lockdown so more and more companies will be allowed to re-open. As part of this, there are a broad range of legal requirements that organisations now need to comply with. As of the 29th April 2020, government published a set of regulations specifically related to how companies should be managing COVID-19.

Returning to work: special measures for high risk employees

On 29 April 2020, the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, published regulations in terms of the National Disaster Management Act which regulate the Alert Level 4 conditions during the COVID-19 national disaster.


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