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PCI DSS v4.0 – a game-changer in social engineering awareness &...

As social engineering attacks continue to rise in sophistication and prevalence, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has evolved to address this growing threat. PCI DSS v4.0 places a strong emphasis on social engineering awareness and prevention, going beyond generic security training to mandate specific technology and controls.

Identity platforms – safeguarding your online betting

Online betting in South Africa is a thriving business, expected to become a billion-dollar sector within four years. But there are risks, especially as the digital era makes it easy to forge identities. Betting companies must manage fraud risks and honour legislation, avoid financial and reputational damage, and continue investing in customer relationships.

What questions should boards be asking about AI?

Few business leaders dispute that artificial intelligence (AI) is on course to upend every major market sector and industry, but many boards aren’t always aware of what a successful AI strategy looks like, or how best to prepare their organisations for the change.

Are your vendors & third-party suppliers compliant?

Compliance is an increasingly important subject in South Africa as the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) gains traction. However, while many businesses are working to ensure that they align with relevant laws, it is just as important to ensure that third-party vendors and suppliers too are compliant.

The value of a best-practise cybersecurity playbook

The concept of a crisis and how to manage it isn’t foreign to anyone running a business. Something untoward happens, it affects the business and then there are a host of effects ranging from revenue loss, reputation management and compliance questions.

Building a strong personal brand in the digital age

The world we live in has become a hyper-connected world, a strong personal brand is not just a nice-to-have; it’s an essential tool for professional growth and success. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the way we present ourselves online can significantly impact our career opportunities, networking potential, and overall professional credibility.

Poor data maintenance leads to data ‘load shedding’

Data integrity, security, and availability are vital aspects to consider whether it pertains to personal information, business records, or research data. However, many individuals and organisations often neglect the importance of data maintenance, which can lead to data ‘load shedding’, a term used to describe the loss, corruption, or unavailability of data due to poor data management practices.

You lied on your CV, now pay back your salary

Hiring employees who misrepresent their qualifications can be a costly mistake for employers. Not only does it damage the reputation of the company, but it can also lead to a loss of productivity and profits. Fortunately, employers have legal recourse when an employee has misrepresented their qualifications during the hiring process, including claiming back remuneration.

Data protection is about more than just thwarting cyberattacks

The fact that ransomware and cyberattacks have become increasingly prevalent is common knowledge, and this has raised greater awareness of the need for effective data protection. However, ransomware and other data breaches are not the only concern for businesses. Protecting data is essential, but managing it is equally important.

The consequences of social media conduct on the employment relationship

With so many people using different platforms to connect and exchange information, social media has become an indispensable component of our personal and professional lives. However, as we have observed more frequently over the past few years, employees must exercise caution in what they post on social media because it may reflect poorly on the business they work for (employers themselves may be held liable), violate social media policies at work, and result in dismissal.


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