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Addressing the skills shortage in the booming renewable energy sector

South Africa is experiencing a monumental uptick in its renewable energy sector, driven by a number of factors including rapid expansion, increased investment, and the rising need for homes and businesses to reduce their reliance on the national power grid. This burgeoning industry, however, faces a formidable challenge: a critical shortage of skilled labour.

Harmonic filters – essential for power quality in clean energy transition

While there is a growing need for renewable energy as countries around the globe seek to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels, the potential drawbacks that come with this transition cannot be ignored. In the realm of utility environments, which encompasses municipalities and renewable energy providers such as Independent Power Producers (IPPs), due consideration must be given to the critical area of power quality.

Is legal compliance enough to ensure sustainability in data centres?

South Africa is in the midst of a data centre boom. Thanks largely to improved connectivity, the number of local data centres has mushroomed over the past decade. In addition to regional players, big names such as AWS, Huawei, Google, and Microsoft have all invested heavily in local centres.

Microgrids meet remote operations’ energy requirements

As the world’s second largest continent, the vast expanse Africa lends itself to remote operations, often hundreds of kilometres away from civilisation and the hub of infrastructure and supply such as energy. Industries like mining, minerals and metals often must contend with considerable energy loss or high transportation costs of diesel (for self-generation) due to these vast distances.

Mesh networks – a multidirectional electrical superhighway

Today, many power industry stakeholders are faced with mounting requirements for improved grid reliability, resilience, and distribution efficiency. It’s a challenge which requires power service providers to rethink their infrastructure, particularly making the most of smart grid philosophies in their deployments.

Driving sustainable development – circularity & ESG in mining

Mining is a historically linear process – we take materials from the earth, make products from them and eventually throw them away as waste. With the intensification of climate change, environmental degradation, pollution – all products of linear economies – the mining industry needs to transition to a circular economy.

Insurance sector to act as catalyst for the hydrogen market

As the global energy landscape undergoes a transformative shift, hydrogen emerges as a compelling substitute for traditional fossil fuels, poised to play a pivotal role in the evolving energy transition. With the energy transition market valued at US$183 billion in 2022 and anticipated to surge to US$317 billion by 2032, hydrogen stands out as a key player in this dynamic evolution.

To harness green hydrogen three requirements must be met

With South Africa reaching an agreement to launch $1 billion blended finance fund to accelerate the development of the green hydrogen sector, the country is well on its way to pursue and harness this energy resource.

Budget sparks green transition – corporates must now take the lead

The 2024 South African budget speech from Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana shows sustainability taking centre stage. The national budget’s clear reprioritisation towards electric vehicles demonstrates that government is walking the talk on emission reduction and cleaner transport.

Budget 2024 | SA Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s Speech

The 2024 Budget was tabled to Parliament on 21 February 2024 by South African Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana. Tax Pocket Guide Honourable Speaker, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula His Excellency,...


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