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Myths that employee tax training can instantly dispel

When it comes to employee tax, a little training goes a long way towards restoring productivity. Many employees don’t understand the complex tax calculations payroll applies to their earnings each month and often question these deductions.

Payslip – what happened to my net take home pay?

Starting a new job in an employee’s career is usually an exciting event with the additional prospect of increasing their earning potential in most cases. With the evolution of payroll systems over the years, it is natural to accept that there should not be any discrepancies between what an employee has been offered and what he receives when they obtain their first payslip.

Job evaluation 101: what is it and why do businesses need...

The role of job evaluation, also referred to as job grading is still poorly understood in the corporate sector. Job evaluation give companies the information they need to fairly, accurately and competitively determine the salaries of staff - amongst many other functions.


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