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The digital tightrope walk for business & human rights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation but also presents significant challenges and risks, especially concerning human rights and corporate governance.

If AI has a dark side, it’s us

Artificial intelligence (AI) has loomed large in our world recently. With it have come dire predictions of humanity’s impending doom – or at least, the end of our careers. But does AI want to do us in? Does it really have a dark side?

Human Rights Day is the perfect opportunity to confront ongoing racism

Virtually every aspect of our lives in South Africa has serious need for change. From politics to education, health care, gender issues, workplace culture and productivity, unemployment, corruption, crime, poverty, race relations and the inequality gap.

Beyond responsible AI – steps to auditable artificial intelligence

Auditable AI provides the documentation and records necessary to pass a regulatory review. With novel artificial intelligence (AI) applications multiplying like rabbits these days, it may seem like the current wave of AI innovation is all beer and skittles.


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