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Neuroeconomics – vital for avoiding investment pitfalls

Traders and investors must overcome many hurdles in order to succeed. Among the most common of these hurdles are emotional pitfalls such as fear and greed, and behavioural shortcomings such as impulsivity. Neuroeconomics – a relatively new discipline – may hold the key to understanding the neural processes that govern the way traders make decisions, and assist them in making the right ones.

BOOK REVIEW | Misbelief

In the early COVID-19 days, I had the misfortune to experience first-hand how it feels to be brutally attacked by people who believed that COVID-19 was a plot designed to destroy humanity. One of the results of this experience was my fascination with the process by which people adopt beliefs that are patently untrue about other individuals, the news, and institutions.

Exploring the relationship between psychology & AI in investments

In the wake of the widespread adoption of revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, the realm of AI has rapidly advanced and filtered through to various industries. From healthcare to marketing, AI’s impact is undeniable.

The fascinating world of mentalism

Prepare to have your mind blown as I reveal the captivating secrets behind the mesmerising art of mentalism. With my expert insights and years of experience, I take you on a journey through the history and mind-bending techniques that continue to leave audiences questioning the limits of human perception and belief.

BOOK REVIEW | The Diary of a CEO

This is not a book about business strategy. Strategy changes like the seasons. This is a book about something much more permanent. At the very heart of all the success and failure I've been exposed to - both my own entrepreneurial journey and through the thousands of interviews I've conducted on my podcast - are a set of principles that can stand the test of time, apply to any industry, and be used by anyone who is search of building something great or becoming someone great.

BOOK REVIEW | Sensitive

Do you have a heightened sense of empathy? Do you often notice tiny details that others don't? Do you ever feel overwhelmed in a busy, loud environment? If you answered yes to any of those questions, chances are you're a 'highly sensitive person', along with one fifth of the population.


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