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Chartered Accountants – future-proof and agile?

Having recently moved from Johannesburg to Toronto I have fielded a flurry of questions from colleagues and if I’m being honest, around the weight of our qualification. Can we have both global mobility and success? Are we future-proofed? Do we need to reinvent ourselves to remain agile?

What does great financial advice look like?

There are tens of thousands of financial advisors in South Africa, but there is considerable variability in the quality of advice they offer. Many will focus on investments and other financial products you may need, but a good advisor’s role is a more demanding one.

What to look for in a financial adviser

It’s not that you don’t think having a financial adviser (FA) is important, the critical role of sound guidance has been drummed into you by your money-savvy friends since you first started earning. But perhaps you’ve put off finding someone to handle your portfolio because you’re not entirely sure what you should be looking for.

Qualifications vs professionalism!

"Not every person with a qualification can be regarded as a professional" - This is becoming something of a mantra when explaining what it is a Professional Body stands for. A Professional Body is not a Training Provider and SAQA has done itself a disservice surely, by allowing Training Providers to register as Professional Bodies?

Academic vs professional qualifications

Gizelle McIntyre | Director | The Institute of People Development | | | Whilst both academic and professional qualifications are recognised and controlled...


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