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Skills development – a new era beckons

Is your company ready to successfully transition from learnerships to occupational certificates? As the deadline of 30th June approaches for the registration of legacy learnerships, companies must ensure they are prepared for the seismic shift in the skills development landscape. This pivotal moment marks the end of an era for historical learnerships and signals the coming-of-age for the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations’ (QCTO) occupational certificates.

Working to your human strengths in an AI-driven world of work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now firmly in the mainstream as workplaces and jobs begin to undergo a transformation that is both daunting and exhilarating. According to the Future of Work Report 2024, over 95% of global business leaders agree that AI will profoundly influence how companies deliver services.

Unleashing Business Potential with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

As I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation within various industries, I've come to realise how vital the tools we adopt are to our efficiency, connectivity, and competitiveness. In my experience, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra epitomises the kind of transformational tool that transcends its basic function as a smartphone to become a cornerstone for innovative business practices.

Embracing next-generation solutions to meet customers’ demands

South African banks have weathered rough seas during the past year, with many of their customers coming under severe pressure from a stagnant economy, rising cost of living and high interest rates. Despite these storms, the financial services industry is still delivering good profits and growth, but there is constant pressure to maintain these results amid the adverse market trends and pressures that are currently shaping the landscape.

Business travel fights back against inflation with airfare re-shopping

Soaring flight prices, persistent inflation in South Africa, and rising hotel rates in major business hubs have yet to deter business travel. In fact, the GBTA Business Travel Outlook 2023 illustrates global business travel is expected to recover to its pre-pandemic level in 2024, a full two years earlier than anticipated.

Political affiliations in the workplace – what employers need to know

Navigating political affiliations in the workplace is a complex task for South African employers. There are valuable insights on this topic, emphasizing the importance of maintaining political neutrality to foster a harmonious work environment. 

Unleashing the power of cross-functional collaboration

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business, team-based work and cross-functional projects are rapidly replacing traditional organisational structures, with an increasing number of leading-edge organisations embracing collaboration-driven models.

Modernising operations & how to overcome the fear of change

Businesses are often hesitant to embrace change, particularly when it involves crucial operations. Many organisations and industries worry that upgrading their infrastructure could cause disruptions and downtime impeding productivity. The fear is not entirely unfounded, as it is often based on historical examples of unsuccessful and costly migrations.

The lasting effects of COVID-19 work-from-home & digitisation

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lock down brought with it many ongoing consequences for the working world. Although at the end of 2023, analysts predicted that work-from-home (WFH) would be eradicated over the next few years, the first quarter of 2024 is painting a different picture.

Trade & insolvencies – impact of macro-economic & geopolitical dynamics

With an economic growth forecast of only 1.6% over the next three years for South Africa, businesses are facing a tough trading environment, exacerbated by the impact of geopolitical tensions, disruptive new technologies, persistent weather catastrophe threats and failing public infrastructure and services.


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