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The effects of badly run municipalities on commercial property demand

Badly-run municipalities do more than just annoy residents and lead to rubbish pile-ups – they can also be a slippery slope to wide-scale economic decline. For urban centres in particular, the signs of a badly run municipality soon become impossible to ignore, symptomatic of a loss of confidence in the economic viability of the area and fears that crime rates will rise as opportunists capitalise on vacant buildings.

Forced localisation will only add to unemployment crisis

While we acknowledge the positive structural reforms currently underway by government – most notably the lifting of the self-generation threshold to 100MW – command control plans of enforced localisation stand to undo any potential positive upsides of other reforms.

Why government should stick to core competencies and let the private...

Although it is famous among middle-class tourists for its exquisite beaches, life in the OR Tambo district municipality in the former Transkei is far from beautiful for its residents. The district is one of the most deprived places in the country. Barely 6% of homes have piped water while less than one in ten households have flush toilets.

Promoting entrepreneurship in the family with a family bank

It is a key objective for many wealthy families and those who own businesses to leave a legacy while encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, underpinned by the family’s core values. There are various challenges families face when transferring family offices from one generation to the next, but there are also opportunities that can protect the family’s legacy while enabling individuals to forge their own paths.


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