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Agreeable personalities a top target for cybercriminals

People with an agreeable personality have a higher chance of being manipulated by cybercriminals to share private and sensitive information. The study suggests a striking correlation between personality types and cybersecurity risk. I surveyed close to 700 people on their personality type and how likely they were to respond to different social engineering attacks - when cybercriminals trick people into giving up private information or passwords or clicking on harmful links.

BOOK REVIEW | Misbelief

In the early COVID-19 days, I had the misfortune to experience first-hand how it feels to be brutally attacked by people who believed that COVID-19 was a plot designed to destroy humanity. One of the results of this experience was my fascination with the process by which people adopt beliefs that are patently untrue about other individuals, the news, and institutions.

Personal development is critical for entrepreneurial success

As a founder or entrepreneur, especially in the early stages of business, you are the business. At least at the beginning of the lifecycle of a business it is almost impossible to separate it from the character and mind of the entrepreneur who brought it to life.

Making newsletters pack more punch

Whatever your marketing goals, newsletters are an excellent way to gain and retain customers, or convert existing subscribers into customers. Do you have a newsletter strategy in place? If not, it’s time to consider the power of a well-planned marketing email newsletter.

Comfort – the addiction that kills success

Only 25% of the world’s population is comfortable with changing the status quo and doing things with an innovative twist. These individuals are often called disruptors or innovators.

The ways remote work harms and ages body and brain

It’s been nearly three years since we converted our couches, kitchen tables and bedrooms into our work from home offices - but WFH habits risk ageing our bodies and brains even as many people return to work or follow a hybrid model.


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