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SME payroll pitfalls – mistakes companies should avoid

Paying employees sounds straightforward, but it is not unusual for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to make mistakes in managing their payroll. These errors can have serious consequences, ranging from damaging employee morale to fraud losses, and tax penalties for late or incorrect tax payments and submissions.

New Year’s resolutions to make if you work in business travel

We all know the enthusiasm of making ambitious New Year's resolutions each January - get fit! Save money! Spend less screen time! But while our personal goals often fall by the wayside, setting professional resolutions can be genuinely transformative. That's why I recommend starting the year by relooking your corporate travel game.

Artificial intelligence needs a human counterbalance in HR

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a service to HR, but shouldn’t replace people as a way of handling human resources within the business. AI has dominated business conversations in 2023 – the dangers of using a generative AI such as ChatGPT when it comes to content and communication, the dangers of artificial generative intelligence (AGI) within society and, of course, the use of AI across multiple touchpoints within the business itself.

SARS open to engage with remote workers & tax advisors

The draft tax law amendment published in August and targeting foreign employers has inadvertently led to an uproar amongst South African remote workers who fear the law change may disincentivise foreign employers from retaining the services of South African talent.

Ensuring payroll security – strategies for SMEs

Cash flow management is a critical aspect of running a successful small or medium-sized business. For many South African businesses, ensuring that there is always enough money for payroll and salaries can be a daunting challenge.

Tax hurdles for remote workers and digital nomads

South Africa remains a hot spot for remote work. On the one hand, digital nomads and remote workers with foreign employers get to enjoy the South African lifestyle, good weather, and the luxury of earning Dollars and Pounds. On the other, foreign companies benefit from employing skilled South Africans, comparatively cheaper than their foreign counterparts, and without the burden of adhering to South African tax compliance regulations.

The anatomy of a scam

The rise in finance and accounting cybercrime through phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) has made headlines with massive implications for South African companies with gaps in their payment systems. However, robust financial controls together with strong server, IT, and email monitoring processes aren’t enough if staff aren’t savvy to the psychological tricks scammers use to manipulate people, making them more vulnerable to tricker and deception.

The rising demand for Earned Wage Access solutions

Innovative models are bridging the gap between employee pay and evolving consumer behaviour. A fairly new yet ground-breaking fintech offering, Earned Wage Access (EWA) is a financial technology that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages before their regular pay cycle.

How to use your bonus responsibly

Receiving a bonus is an exciting event and a time for celebration to recognise the hard work you put in throughout the year. Bonuses also provide us with an opportunity to achieve our financial goals. When we think about spending the money, we need to do so responsibly.

How payroll data is an important tool for the future

When one thinks of remuneration data, one tends to think of payroll data specifically. This article aims to broaden thinking about a bigger pool of data that could be a critical strategic tool for people managers and business leaders in the future.


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